A "Monster" Whale Shark Drawing

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So this whale shark drawing - the cartoon you see above...

Was actually *supposed* to be a monster, as that's what was voted on - by visitors to this site.

Anyway, as I got drawing - and this happens (it's all part of the creative process)... I realized, that the sharp teeth were really the only thing that made this creature, monstrous - that and the obvious fact, that yes...

It's a whale shark! :-)

So no, they don't have sharp teeth like this one - but then again, no worries - we're drawing...

Let your imagination and creativity soar!

OK - let's begin.


"Monster" Whale Shark Drawing

First off, I'd just like to say - WOW... I love drawing cool-looking cartoon sea animals, like this one.

This was quite a bit of fun to create - and thanks for voting on this one, I'd never drawn a whale shark before!

OK then, let's begin - starting with a really simple framework, from which we get a better idea of the structure and form, our animal/monster - will eventually take on...

Bat Monster

Haha - looks pretty cool already.

That orange line, serves as an "action indicator" - allowing us to get a better idea of the flow in the drawing, a marker that let's us better appreciate the stance our character is taking.

Here's adding to the framework a few more lines and shapes...

Bat Monster


Looks pretty straight forward so far, I'd say. Next - go ahead and begin sketching your lines - bringing first into view, its large wide (actually in real life NON-TEETHY) mouth.

Just like so...

Bat Monster

And now, given that the mouth is in place - the forward-most part of the whale shark's head...

Sketch in a couple more lines... this time - the left eye, and also, the left fin.

Oh yeah - and the teeth! :-)

Bat Monster

Fading to grey - what we've already drawn...

No go ahead and continue - bringing into view, the head and back of our whale shark drawing, and also - the tongue, as a simple curved line.

Here's how mine looks so far.

How does yours look?

Bat Monster

Curving around like an "S" - next...

Bring forth the lower left part of your whale shark's body. Sketch in his curvy back fin too (her!?) - and also...

Give your creature another eye, along with some lines in its mouth - leading to back to its throat - just like so...

Bat Monster

*BAM* - out to grey again, and now...

Just a few more lines, to complete this unique-looking whale shark drawing, something that again - was originally supposed to be a "monster".

You decide! :-)

Bat Monster

Woo hoo!

There it is - minus the framework, and wow - I really like how it turned out.

But of course...

Bat Monster

A touch of color - indicating a *likeness* to how a whale shark would actually look, blue - white - white spots - etc...

Bat Monster

And yes - we've done it again...

Another original cartoon drawing lesson, complete!


Hey, how did you like this lesson? What do you think of this character? Could you do something similar - but instead...

With a hammerhead shark, a killer whale, or even a blue marlin?

How cool would that be!

See you next time, for another lesson. :-)


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