Draw a Venus Fly Trap Creature!

***tier-3-top.shtml*** Tiger Panda

Ah yes - the Venus Fly Trap...

Everyone (accept for flies of course) favorite predatory plant. And yes, here in this cartoon drawing lesson, more creativity unfolding as always...

Let's go for a whole new take on it - coming up with a brand new character, one that has a distinct likeness to the plant itself.

Best way to approach this lesson?

Forget trying to copy what I draw - and use these steps to inspire you, as you come up with a whole new creature of your own.

Here goes!


Venus Fly Trap Drawing Lesson

Starting off, it can really help - if you go about sketching a simple arrangement of basic shapes...

Something to help you keep structure and form in mind, as you progress through the lesson.

And yes, since we're creating an actual "creature" - and not just the plant itself, be sure to give your venus fly trap character some form *below*, it's football shaped ovular head shape.

Here's what I came up with...Tiger Panda

Fading out our lines now - and focusing on the head of the venus fly trap...

Go ahead and begin drawing some large plant-like teeth - and yes as you move on forward... be sure to use the cross as a marker, in order to have a rough idea of where your lines can go.

Here's how mine looks in the first step of lines...

Tiger Panda

Fading out what we just drew - to grey...

Next go ahead and continue on with the top of the head, of your Venus Fly Trap creature.

No need to stay fixed to the oval. Get all crazy, swirvy, and free with your lines. Go all over the place. Make it super unique and cool.

ALWAYS draw this way! :-)

Tiger Panda

Next up...

Finish off the top of the head, and then - moving down to the lower teeth... only sketch in a few, leaving some room (if you like, of course)...

For some drool, hanging out of its mouth - a captured fly pictured in each case.

This is a good example, of having lots of fun with your drawing as you progress. Sure, keep serious, and stick to the shape and form...

But don't forget to go off track every so often - and keep things unique and interesting.

Here's mine...

Tiger Panda

More fun details - and again, fading what we just drew to grey, for clarity of course...

Go on now, to the lower part of its football-shaped head, and draw in some more plant-like teeth.

Now's also a good time, to move on down the drawing - and sketch in the part of the lower body...

Tiger Panda

Almost done now - and yes, with the head complete - as well as part of the lower body...

Now you can connect everything together, by sketching out the mid-section of your Venus Fly Trap cartoon character.

Here's how it looks...

Tiger Panda

Minus the underlying framework - and *+* a whole bunch of details (I couldn't resist!)...

Here's what the finished cartoon venus fly trap character looks like - simple in form, yet at the very same time (and especially given that this is an entirely new creature concept)...


Tiger Panda

Well, there's just one last thing to do now.


And I did just that - as you can see in the final image below...Tiger Panda

And that pretty much wraps up our lesson.

How did you like it?

What does your Venus Fly Trap character look like? Did you give yours arms? Six? Wings? Is it a giant "Godzilla-like" creature, plowing its way through a city?

Hope you had fun. :-)


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