Vancouver Olympics Drawing Lesson

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The logo for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics is an Inukshuk rock statue. In Canada - the inuit built many of these statues, as depending on where they were built - they symbolized different things such as marking a safe route home, and pointing out dangerous areas.

Here, let's create a homage to this famous statue and logo of the 2010 Olympic Games - cartoonified of course!

Here goes...


How to Draw an Vancouver Olympic Inukshuk Cartoon

In the beginning then - let's go ahead and mark off -- easily -- the simple blocks which compose the structure of this statue/character. The swirvy line for the arms, shows that we'll be altering the positioning as seen in the image above.

The shapes...

Vancouver  First Step

And next, draw in the first three shapes. Keep it random... keep it fun! And draw the head too...

Vancouver  First Step

In this step, we've got our character raising one fist into the air - celebrating perhaps!? Mark this part off easily with a simple circle...

Vancouver  Second Step

And then bring the arcing arm(s) into view...

Vancouver  Second Step

Here's what the 2010 Olympic logo *could look like* if we were to give the Inukshuk statue a cartoon-like face. Of course - this is just my version --- get creative and see what sort of neat look you can come up with...

Vancouver  Second Step

And then - add the colors which correspond with those in the statue in each of the various parts...

Vancouver  Second Step

Pretty simple - and pretty neat too wouldn't you say? I always find 'cartoonifying' things in ways you wouldn't normally expect. It's all part of the fun in tapping into your own creativity and imagination when drawing.

Well - there's another lesson under your belt now. Nice job! :-)


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