Tiger Panda Crossover Lesson

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Here in this "tiger panda" crossover drawing lesson - let's draw a cute little imaginary creature, one that hints at both of these animals, in its shape, form and color.

Actually - drawing things like this, is so much fun.

It's all about being creative - and given that animals are so diverse, coming in all sorts of different sizes, looks, patterns, etc. - there's no end to the number of ways we can combine them...

Coming up with brand new, cool-looking critters.

OK - let's draw!


How to Draw a "Tiger Panda" Crossover

First thing's first...

Go ahead and sketch out a simple framework - one composed of the simple shapes that eventually, become the structure of our brand new character.

In doing this ahead of time - lightly sketched, on the paper in front of you...

You'll have a great indication of how everything will eventually come together - the BIG picture, always in mind.

Here's how mine looks...Tiger Panda

And now, to our tiger panda character - thinking of some of the things that makes a panda look how it looks, and a tiger the same...

Go ahead and begin drawing the eyes.

Notice how instead of drawing circular patches, much like a panda would have - instead, I've gone for sharp angular ones, giving off a more cat-like look...

Tiger Panda

Next up then, fading what we previously drew to grey - making things much easier!...

Now go ahead, and around the perimeter of its head - using the framework lines to help you stay on track with the shape...

Sketch in some curved and spiky lines like so. Notice how the lower left and right areas - are similar to how the fur on the face of a tiger looks...

Tiger Panda

Up to its ears now - and again, instead of the circular ears that panda has - I went for more cat-like ones.

Really though, it helps to look at a real image (images) of both of these animals. In doing so, you can pick up on all sorts of little things - those which physically speaking, make each one look the way they do.

Moving down to the arm and left foot now...

Tiger Panda

Next up - it's simple curved lines, those which bring out the character's belly, the rest of its leg, and also...

It's paw.

Notice how I've only drawn one arm and paw. The other - obscured by the animal's body, can be left out - as we can't see it from this angle.

Tiger Panda

Tiny curvy details - continue on, bringing forth a one-of-a-kind look, for your almost complete, tiger panda crossover character.

Here's how it looks, with a few more details - and with its left leg complete...

Tiger Panda

Well, things are looking pretty neat - I'd say.

Here now, take a look at this character - minus any underlying framework lines, and also - completely leveled out to black, once again.

Tiger Panda

And then - just as always - finish up your drawing, with some color - those which in this case...

Tiger Panda

Clearly bring out a resemblance - to a panda bear, more so than a tiger.

But of course, we still have those three little marks on its forehead - signifying stripes of course.

And there you have it! Another cartoon drawing lesson, complete.

Hope you enjoyed it. See you again really soon, for another one.


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