How to Draw The Rancor from Star Wars

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Remember the Rancor? Of course you do!

I mean seriously, wasn't this one of the coolest parts in the entire Star Wars series?

Well, here in this cartoon tutorial - a simplified version of the monster we see on screen in Return of the Jedi, the pet of Jabba the Hut that lives in a dungeon, below his palace on the planet Tatooine...

Let's have fun, and create our own unique take on the character.

Here goes...


How to Draw The Rancor

So where to begin, then?

Well, how about with some simple shapes and lines - guides that can sort of act like training wheels, helping to establish proportion and form, early on in our approach - *before* we actually sketch out any drawing lines.

Positioned in a stance, where it looks to be ready to munch down on a Gamorrean Guard (green, humanoid pig-like alien) - here's what we've got...

How to Draw The Rancor

And then - you got it...

On to sketching in lines now, right after fading our framework - a simple arrangement of basic shapes and lines, out in the background.

Of course, only draw the framework if you think it helps. Visualize it only, if you like. The main thing, is to get an idea - for what types of shapes come together, helping the Rancor beast to take form on paper (or the screen) - in front of you.

So starting with the nose and mouth then...

How to Draw The Rancor

Getting right in there now - focusing on the head of the Rancor, and also on its left shoulder (plate) - something that's best to draw early, as it appears closer to the observer...

Here's how it looks with some simple lines and details - eyes included...

How to Draw The Rancor

More still - and notice how we faded what we already drew, out to grey...

Continue forward, sketching in some details to finish around the head - some lower teeth, too...

And then yes - move right on out to the left arm. And then sure, why not... sketch in a little bit of the right clenched hand, same one that will be grasping a very frightened Gamorrean Guard, very soon enough in the lesson...

How to Draw The Rancor

So neat - I'm really enjoying the sequence involved in this cartoon drawing lesson.

True enough though - this is a sequence that I came up with, one offered as merely a recommendation to help you with progress in your own character drawing.

I mean who knows - maybe you found/can think of - a better order/way to do this? If so, do it. And if not, I still recommend you try new approaches - always. Draw it 100 times if you like!

OK, so now we can move in behind and under the head, and also move on down the drawing - adding in the knees, part of the left hand - and yes - a few other lines here and there, too.

The Rancor beast - almost finished!...

How to Draw The Rancor

Well, maybe not almost, exactly.

Mirror over the shoulder plate now. Make it *a tad* smaller than the left one - as it will be a bit further away. Only a bit though.

And then yes, on to the right hand completion, and then some more body and leg lines too.

Like this...

How to Draw The Rancor

Gamorrean Guard time!

Really though, you could sketch in whoever you want. Don't think the Rancor will mind at all - so long as it gets to eat. :-)

But yes, very simple lines to create *the impression* that the creature is being viewed from behind. Notice how I ever-so-slightly hinted at the eye and snout? He's just sort of starring at this huge monster, and well... waiting for the inevitable, I guess.

More lines for the right arm and leg - and now - we're almost finished!...

How to Draw The Rancor


How to Draw The Rancor

And then - minus underlying framework lines, black and white sketch ONLY now...

How to Draw The Rancor

And yes, with a splash of Rancorish colors, too...

How to Draw The Rancor

And voila - there's are super-simple looking, cartoonified Star Wars creature, ready for some serious smashing and eating!

And that's all for this lesson.

With the Rancor complete, it's off to create another one - so see you in a little bit! :-)


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