How to Draw The Mandarin

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With Iron Man 3 out in theaters - and "The Mandarin" being the arch enemy in the movie, I thought it would be a fun idea - to include this character, as one of the options for this weeks lesson to vote on.

And yes, here we are drawing him!

Please note - this version of the character, is quite different from the one one in the movie - and even not-so-similar to the one in the comic books too. In looking at images from both places, for a reference...

I gradually came up with a character that pays homage to both - but truly, is quite unique.

And yes, I encourage you (as always when drawing!)...

To do the same.

Here goes...


How to Draw The Mandarin

First thing, in tackling this character - one who quite resembles a 'wizard' a first glance, especially with his long robe (as seen in the comics), and those shiny glistening jewels, as seen on the many rings on his fingers...

I began with a simple "stick figure-like" framework... one to help us position the stance of the character before-hand.

Here's how it looks...

The MandarinThe Mandarin

Those green lines above - are in place to mark off those features - key ones (rings! jewels!), at that... which really stand out - and will give this character just that "character"... those defining attributes that in this unique version...

Make "The Mandarin"... The Mandarin.

But of course. Branch off - start from scratch, and have fun. Use these steps as examples. Get creative!

Starting with the head...

The MandarinThe Mandarin

So yes - after sketching in the eyes, ear - and the beginning of his mustache and hair line...

Next go ahead with the rest of the head - and as you can see in the examples below (fading out to grey as we proceed) --- see if you can add a few details along the way, those types of things which really make your drawing stand out.

You ca see below, I added a couple more jewels along the way - one in his hair, and another in his beard. I ended up removing them in the end - but it just goes to show, while plugging along...

Just how fun it can be - to try new ideas, as you progress.

The MandarinThe Mandarin

Next up - once all the jewels are in place (and yes - make them whichever shapes and sizes you like - have lots of fun here, and get super creative!)...

Now move on to The Mandarin's hands.

Notice how I'm pretty much *sequentially* moving about the framework - sketching in those parts of the drawing, as it would make sense to do so in order?

If it works my way for you, great! If not, tackle it in a sequence that fits for you.

Keep going with his robe or cloak...

The MandarinThe Mandarin

Moving on down the drawing - and now we're at the bottom of The Mandarin's wizard-like cloak. I added a few more jewels and details along the way at this point - but again, it's up to you if you want to do the same.

Anyway, here's how he looks - just about complete now - all the lines faded to grey, accept for the very bottom of the cloak, where the lines fold over...

The MandarinThe Mandarin

And yes, one last step now - let's see how the character looks, with all of the underlying framework lines removed (yours may be lightly sketched pencil lines, or even a simple means of clicking the "eye" to hide a digital layer in Photoshop, Gimp, etc. - out of sight) - and of course...

The MandarinThe Mandarin

With a little bit of color!

Especially with the gems, actually - I ensured that most of the character was colored in darker tones, so that his rings would really STAND OUT. And yes, much as they should. Easily, they're the coolest part - in my opinion, of this Marvel villain character.

And well - that's all there is to it!

Hope you had fun with the lesson. Will see you very soon for the next one.



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