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Some time before beginning this site, I'd heard about the graphics tablet (or drawing tablet as they're often referred to as), and how using one can make a huge difference when creating digital drawings and art. People that owned one would usually say something like - 'Once you get one, you'll never want to use your mouse again to draw on the computer!' and 'It's just like using a real pencil and paper.'

Like many other artists thinking about moving from the traditional pen and pencil to something something more advanced and savvy like a digital tablet... I wasn't exactly all that sure of what to expect. It was an entirely new concept for me and based on my experience at the time with creating digital art - drawing on the computer was also a relatively new idea.

Once I got going with this website though, I became more and more interested in graphics tablets. Drawing with the mouse was getting tiresome & timely, and I missed the freedom I had when working with a simple pencil and paper.

Intuos Graphics Tablet

To make a long story short - I finally did 'make the jump' and from first-hand experience, I really can (and DO!) say - graphics tablets really are THAT wonderful!

Simply described, a graphics tablet exists in two basic parts - the tablet itself and the pen. And although it's more like a 'high tech piece of paper', minus the technology - it works the same way a regular pencil on paper does...

Whenever your pen makes contact with the tablet's drawing surface, the strokes are reproduced - instantly and exactly on your computer screen, using your favorite drawing software (Photoshop, Corel Draw, Gimp, etc.). Simply plug the device into a USB port, install the drivers that come with it, and you're off to the races!

That said - if you're in that same boat that I was - wondering about graphics tablets, how to use them, and which one's right for you... I recommend you check out the following information. In the first part, I go into detail about the various features and benefits of graphics tablets. And in the next part, I've made some information available to you to help find a tablet that's the right kind/model/price-range/etc. for you.

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New to the world of graphics tablets? Have a look here to learn more about their features and benefits.

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Browse through graphics tablets of various kinds, models and sizes. Find one that's right for you!


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