Tablet Computers


Using the same technology as drawing tablets, tablet computers are designed such that you can draw directly onto the screen using a stylus. Whatever you draw - is converted directly into 'digital lines' and displayed using your favorite image editing software such as Photoshop or Gimp.

These devices come in three different versions - Laptop, Slate and Hybrid. For a better understanding, let's have a look at each...


The tablet laptop looks and works much the same as a regular laptop. Unlike a regular notebook computer though, It's screen is connected by a swivel, allowing it to rotate side to side, instead of just up and down.

Tablet Computers

This is very practical, as the screen can flipped upside down - converting the device into 'slate mode'. In 'slate mode' - the computer can be held or positioned, just like a pad of paper - perfect for drawing directly onto the screen with a stylus.

Of all three types, the laptop version is by far the most popular.


Next up, we have the slate version. Different from the laptop version - it exists as merely a screen - no keyboard attached.

Really, this is perfect for drawing as it's not as clunky as the laptop style.

Actually, this idea is quite similar to Wacom's more expensive drawing tablet - the Cintiq, where you draw directly onto a computer screen.


The other type of tablet computers that exist are the hybrids. They're similar to both the laptop and slate versions in that they can convert to either style, given their detachable keyboards. From what I understand though, hybrids are not as readily available these days. When they were more popular - Compaq was known to make one of the best models.

All in all, these devices are excellent for creating digital artwork.


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