Want to Draw a Space Cartoon?


Sci-Fi fan? Love to draw?

The idea of drawing a simple space cartoon sound OK?



The universe really is quite the big place...

So big that there's no reason why we can't come up with tons of our very own, unique, space cartoon creations.

The term 'Sci-Fi' obviously states: Scientifc - but not real! With this in mind, just think about all the neat-looking drawings you can come up with...

Things like spaceships, planets, aliens (humanoid or not), etc.

Not to mention, we've got tons of famous creations from many popular movies and books.


And so, here you can expect to see a number of different Science-Fiction-related drawing lessons, from both sides of the spectrum, both unknown (new ideas where I'll encourage you to take things a step further) and known (tributes to popular media icons where we'll simplify things into cartoons).

Now... let's take a look at this idea a little bit further.

Sci-Fi Cartoons

If you're drawing something 'known' - say a cool robot from your favorite movie.

Remember how it all comes down to a simple arrangement of basic shapes.

Hal 9000 from 2001 a Space Odyssey is an obvious example...

Draw a circle!

But even with others...

R2-D2 from Star Wars for example.

Recognize the shapes that compose him (maybe four rectangles and a half-circle?) before you draw, and simplifying him as a cartoon representation will be all the more easy.

Of course - I encourage you to come up with your very own unique robots and other Sci-Fi geared creations.

As always... let your imagination run wild!

And I can't think of a better time - than right now...

A recommendation before you begin... check out John Boswell's Symphony of Science website.

Here you can download and listen to music - inspired by Science and Space!


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