How to Draw Cartoon Sloths

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In this lesson, I began with the idea of 'how to draw sloths' - a simple cartoony approach to this unique-looking animal of Costa Rica. As it progressed though - it sort of took on a look of its own... still like a sloth... but also like a brand new 'funny' cartoon character.

Here's the lesson!...


Learn How to Draw a Funny Cartoon Sloth

Looking at the structure of this animal - right away... I wanted to have the drawing look so it's standing upright, and not hanging from a branch as you might see them in the wild. In doing so - I began to immediately visialize a new look altogether.

To begin, get the shapes down - and notice the smaller oval for where the facial features go...

Sloths First Step

Long 'hanging' arms. For sure - this is something you're going to want to include in yours...

Sloths First Step

And kind of like a monkey --- begin by drawing the muzzle area...

Sloths Second Step

Getting creative here... I went a little overboard with the area around its eyes. Looks kind of neat! Gives it lots of character.

Sloths Second Step

Down and around its head - the spiky lines help to convey the existence of fur...

Sloths Second Step

And then... some BIG hulking arms. Here's where it begins to take on a look of its own!...

Sloths Second Step

The claws, the body - keep on drawing!...

Sloths Second Step

And minus the framework...

Sloths Second Step

And alas... some color to finish it off. Here's how it looks...

Sloths Second Step

In the end - even though what we were planning on drawing in the beginning - didn't turn out exactly as we might have expected... it's still really neat. And besides - it's always good to branch off and try out new looks and ideas when drawing.

Well... I hope you had some fun with this lesson. Maybe it will give you ideas for how to make similar changes with other animals?


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