Sesame Street Drawing Lessons


Sesame Street is easily one of the most popular children's television shows of all time.

And for good reason, a show with so many fun and interesting characters - and so many neat topics...

Truly made the learning experience that much more enjoyable.

It's the perfect show combining education and entertainment!


Growing up, I can't help but remember the countless times I'd watch this show.

From Big Bird - to the opening theme song - to the "brought to you by the letter *fill in the blank!" part...

Sesame Street

This show was, and continues to be...


And really... who doesn't love Cookie Monster!?

At the time of creating this page (November 10th 2009) - it marks the fortieth anniversary of the show - originally airing on PBS, in 1969.

To commemorate this event - and in finding even more ways to make the learning how to draw process all the more fun...

This section of the site is geared around re-creating characters from the show - in your own unique way...

On paper.

To the Sesame Street drawing lessons...


***g2.shtml***Oscar the GrouchOnly Happy 'cuz it's His Birthday!
Grouchy on everyday but his birthday... learn how to draw this garbage dwelling character! :-)

***g2.shtml***Cookie MonsterA Monster Who Loves Cookies
If you like the following things: A) Cookies, B) Monsters... then this drawing lesson is for you!

***g2.shtml***How to Draw ElmoIt's Time to Draw Elmo!
Ready for a good tickle - learn to draw Elmo - one of the most memorable Sesame Street characters ever!

***g2.shtml***Count Von CountDraw Count Von Count
Von, two, three... in this drawing lesson - let's draw Sesame Street's 'Count Von Count'!

***g2.shtml***GroverHow to Draw SUPER Grover !!!
It's a bird! Nope. It's a plane! Nope. It's... Super Grover!!! Yup - and learn how to draw him here!

***g1.shtml***Big BirdHow to Draw Big Bird
Learn how to draw a big... yellow... bird. Big Bird! One of the most beloved characters from the show! :-)


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