How to Draw a Santa Head

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Quite similar to the last lesson, here I'll show you how to create a simple 'Santa head', ideal for making your very own Christmas cards and decorations.

Much the same as any head we'd draw - person, animal, etc. - starting off with a circle and a cross is ideal in maintaining both proportion and symmetry as you work your way through.

And of course, make sure you keep your lines nice and light as you go about it.

Now let's get going drawing Santa's head...


First Step - Draw a Circle & Cross Framework for Your Santa Head

Begin your drawing by creating a simple circle on the paper in front of you. Unlike with other lessons - here we're drawing only the head. So, feel free to use more of the paper.

Next, with your circle drawn... go ahead and draw a simple cross - dividing your framework into quadrants. This'll make mapping out the facial components of your Santa head, all the more easy. One last thing here - and only if you like... draw two more horizontal lines - one to mark off the position where Santa's hat will begin -- the other to mark off the position of where his mustache will meet with the perimeter of your circle.

Here's how mine looks...

Santa Head First Step Santa Head First Step

Again, this 'circle framework' is just that - only a guideline. If you want to continue without it, then by all means... keep on going right away with the next step. I always like to include some sort of guideline as it does a great job in helping maintain proportion and symmetry in your work - especially if you're not as familiar with drawing.

So then, got your circle framework set up? Great... on to the next step!...

Second Step - Drawing Santa's Face

The face you see in the finished Santa head up top, is actually a bit of a 'standard' when it comes to Christmas-time art, crafts, decorations, etc. Take a look at all sorts of different 'Christmasy' things - place mats, ornaments, cards, wrapping paper - and you're bound to see a similar setup to this one at some point.

For drawing your Santa head, tackle it in the following order: Nose > Eyes > Mustache > Mouth...

Santa Head Second Step Santa Head Second Step

Now you can better appreciate the extra horizontal lines to help with mapping out Santa's hat and mustache. Still though, you can change things up to suit your taste. Have his hat set lower or higher -- it's up to you. And same goes with the mustache -- change the look altogether if you like! Oh - and don't forget to draw his cheeks.

Alright - in the next step, we'll finish things off by drawing his beard, and then finishing the rest of his hat.

Final Step - Give Your Santa Head a Beard and then Finish His Hat

In the steps below, I've outlined a simple way to go about the rest of your drawing.

The bottom of the circle give you a nice idea of how the beard can pan out. I say 'can' as really -- you can make it longer/shorter/curlier/spikier/etc. if you like! :-)

Here's how to go about it...

Santa Head Final Step Santa Head Final Step Santa Head Final Step Santa Head Final Step

As with the hat, you'll notice that I've created sort of a '3D' look by making the end look as though it's being obstructed by the base. To do this, as you can see above in example two... start off with a simple curved line which outlines the portion of the hat - indented by Santa's head - before it turns over, falls to the side... and is only partially seen in behind him. Got all that? ;-)

Next? Well, how about I leave the rest up to you. Remaining details and color... see what else you can come up with!

And that wraps up this lesson -- hope you had some fun!


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