How to Draw Saber Tooth Tigers

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When drawing these prehistoric felines - saber tooth tigers... it's fun to get unique with our approach. You can add stripes if you like... or you can come up with some other sort of pattern.

The key features of course - those long incisors! (fangs) - are a must to convince someone of what your drawing is.

Let's get started then...


How to Draw a Saber Tooth Tigers

Keeping things cartoony and fun, let's begin the lesson with a rough 'shape outline' of the various parts of our cat. Saber tooth tigers - will of course - resemble other cats we know of... lions, jaguars, cheetahs. So getting a close likeness to one of these - is important in the beginning.

Let's begin then - starting with the framework...

Saber Tooth Tigers First Step

A few more lines, and we've got our cat in a simple walking/standing pose...

Saber Tooth Tigers First Step

OK - let's begin placing our lines then. Eyes, muzzle and fangs - go ahead and draw them similar to this...

Saber Tooth Tigers Second Step

Bring the rest of your cat's face into view - get creative... little twists and turns, tufts of hair... see what you can do!

Saber Tooth Tigers Second Step

The white stripe of fur around the jaw area gives this cat more of that 'tiger' sort of look...

Saber Tooth Tigers Second Step

Now it's down to the legs. Notice the randomness in my lines - keeping the structure in mind, you can feel comfortable being creative without deviating TOO MUCH - so it still looks like what you're drawing...

Saber Tooth Tigers Second Step

Down to the paws/claws - I would imagine saber tooth tigers have sharp ones!

Saber Tooth Tigers Second Step

And next up, draw the arcing lower body line - use the shapes to help guide you along. And also... experiment with different heights and curves. It'll change the look of your cat altogether.

Saber Tooth Tigers Second Step

Almost done! The arc along the back of your tiger should be drawn to show some bulk up front. These cats are strong - with big shoulders... the right direction of your curve will help illustrate this.

Saber Tooth Tigers Second Step

Detailed with stripes - your saber tooth tiger takes on an entirely new (and neat-looking) look. Did they actually look anything like this? Perhaps! Here though - it's all about being creative... and that's exactly the path we took. :-)

Saber Tooth Tigers Second Step

Here's what it looks like colored. A gradient and stroke always helps to enhance the final look of your cartoons...

Saber Tooth Tigers Second Step

So then, that's all there is to this lesson - I hope you enjoyed it. This was of course one of the 'You Decide' lessons. The other two options were 'Giant Ground Sloth' and 'Wooly Mammoth'... we'll have to tackle one of these two (or both) - some time down the road.

Another lesson coming soon!! :-)


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