Prismacolor Colored Pencils


When it comes to coloring your drawings, Prismacolor colored pencils are an excellent way to go. Extremely bright and oil-based, they make all the difference in the world.

I first discovered prismacolors in high school. And up until I had used them, I was only experienced with regular non-oil-based products... a popular brand at the time was 'Laurentien'.

Really though, Laurentien products were (and still are) good. It's just that because I was so into drawing - so keen on ensuring the colors were as bright as possible, and that the colors would blend more naturally... moving to a higher grade pencil crayon seemed only natural.

Prismacolor Colored Pencils

As mentioned above, the key differences between regular colored pencils and Prismas, are A - they're brightness, and B - the inclusion of oil in the leads.

I'd always be amazed when someone would look at a finished drawing - one that was colored with Prismacolors, and ask me if I had painted it.

Really, the colors are so bright - and blend so well due to the oil... it really does look more like paint half the time.

Something to keep in mind though when using these colored pencils, is that they are much softer than regular ones. And being more expensive too - you really need to take care when working with them - not pressing as hard as you would normally.

A good place to find Prismacolors, is either at your local art store - or online. I recommend the online route, as usually - the art store won't carry all the different sets. Naturally, I'd have to recommend DickBlick.com - as they have an excellent selection are quite frankly - are the best place to buy art supplies on the net.


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