How to Draw a Pingu the Penguin

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Pingu, the name of the cartoon penguin - we're about to draw here, in this drawing lesson...

Is the main character of the show (by the same name) - about a family of penguins, living at the South Pole.

The show began in 1986, and ran all the way to 2000. It was done in claymation, and to this day... I can still remember seeing the odd episode on TV, when I was younger.

Well, here - let's draw a 'likeness' to this famous character.

Here goes!


How to Draw Pingu Step by Step

Penguins are quite simple to draw, in that their bodies are composed of some very simple shapes - circle for the head, and oval for the body.

And yes, here with our claymation character, - it's no different.

Here's a simple framework, to get started...


First thing then - go ahead and draw his beak.

As you can see below... it's just an oval - a smile breaking up the top from the bottom of his beak.

And yes, because he's looking on - at a 3/4 angle...

You can see how I've kept 'two bumps' on the left side - indicating that his head is turned.


Working outward now, go ahead and sketch in his oval-like head.

Then, follow it up with the eyes (or vica versa)...


Fading what we've already drawn, to light grey - next...

Go ahead and draw his body - beginning with his left flipper.

Follow it up with the large ovular part of his body - and then...


Sketch in his right flipper, along with his feet.

Notice - the Pingu in the show, actually has rounded feet. Here though, I decided to change things up a little bit.

Draw yours to look, *however* you like! :-)


OK - looking great!

How about yours?

Here's how the finished Pingu character looks - black lines only...


And then, with a splash of color...

Here's how he looks completed...



How did your drawing turn out?

Hopefully it turned out different than mine looks. It's all about being creative - trying new things, and constantly learning as you draw.

As always, I hope these lessons inspire you and give you great ideas for creating your very own unique work!

Until next time.


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