Perspective Drawing & 3D Lessons


Perspective drawing is a skill - once understood and used correctly - that can really help take your drawings...

To a whole new level.

Be it a person, an object, or a building...

Accounting for depth and distances in art, makes for an entirely different creative experience.

In High School - yes, thinking waaaaaay back! - one of the first perspective drawing exercises I remember is creating a section of a city (street, buildings, curbs... people too if you wish to draw them in) using a simple 'two-point perspective' method.

Basically, you start with two horizontally leveled points on opposite sides of the page, and create a drawing of a city...

All lines emerging from either of these two points.

It's amazing how cool AND REAL!! a drawing can look, implementing the simplest of principles such as this.


Perspective Drawing

Here on the site, there are different situations where using perspective - really can be of help.

A good example of this - is drawing a simple table.

Depending on the dimension of the object (2? 3?) and the angle at which its being viewed...

A table can take on several different looks.

The tables above for example - illustrate this point quite nicely.

On the left - it's being viewed from above at a '3/4' angle. So yes - no perspective points are needed.

On the right however, the viewing angle is different such that the part closest to the observer - the eyes! - appears bigger.

And the part(s) further away - smaller of course.


In this area of the site - let's have some fun with simple perspective drawing-orientated lessons, as well as those that involve drawing in the 3rd dimension.

Click on one below to begin!


***g2.shtml***How to Draw a TableHow to Draw a Table
Learn how to draw a table in two different ways -- with and without perspective taken into account.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Food Cartoon SteakEasy Cartoon Steak Drawing
Once you get the top part down, drawing a cartoon steak is no problem at all. In four parts, draw one here.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Food Cartoon SandwichPeanut Butter & Jelly Cartoon Sandwich
Be it peanut butter & jelly, ham & cheese, or even a BLT... learn how to draw a simple cartoon sandwich here!

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Pictures Cartoon HouseA Cartoon House to Call Your Own!
Truly, there's no place like home. In this lesson - learn how to draw a simple, generic cartoon house.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Pictures Cartoon ComputerCustomize a Cartoon Computer
Here it is -- a simple cartoon computer drawing... mapped out, customized, and created by you!

***g1.shtml***Cars Car DrawingDraw a Simple Red Car
Perspective in mind, learn to create a simple red car drawing - one that you can customize.


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