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Have you ever considered a career in art, but don't know where to begin?

Pencil Kings Art Training with Professional Artists

Or maybe, you're already building your portfolio, and are keen to develop your creative skills?

It's true...

Art courses can sometimes be impractical - especially if you have to travel long distances, and pay huge course fees, to advance your carrer. Happily though, the Internet has the answer - with a website set up be artists, devoted to helping others - take their very first steps - into a whole new world of creativity.


Pencil Kings is the branchild of former video game and special effects artists, offering a unique series of art tutorials - ones that cover all abilities and genres, all for less than the price of a text book.

And with an ever-expanding list of professional tutors - people who have produced work for major companies like Marvel, Mattel, Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks...

Aspiring artists, are sure to find a tutorial to suit their level of ability.

Pencil Kings Tutorials will help you...

  • Take the first steps towards creating great art

  • Help you understand fundamentals and advanced techniques with clear explanations

  • Show you how to work in traditional and digital media

  • Help you every step of the way with dedicated support

  • Encourage you to develop your creative career to its full potential

Art Courses for all Abilities

The team over at Pencil Kings has a great understanding, for just how difficult - taking those first few steps, into the world of art can sometimes be.

pencil kings learn how to draw

This is why each of the tutorials on their site, is tailored to all abilities - with clear instructions and videos, helping subscribers achieve their desired results.

So yes...

Whether starting from scratch with perspective, or brushing up on your digital painting skills - chances are, there'll be a tutorials like the Ultimate Guide to Photoshop designed with you in mind.

More still...

Beginners to drawing the human body, will benefit hugely - from foundation tutorials, those like Face Drawing Fundamentals from Laurie B, where this acclaimed artist demonstrates how to create amazing artwork, even if you've just picked up a pencil for the first time.

Master More Than Just Drawing the Face

Maybe you've struggled with other areas of the human body in the past? Once again, you'll find the answer over at Pencil Kings, where Laurie B shows you how to draw hands and feet and breaks the process down into easy-to-follow techniques and professional tips.

Listen up! Learn How to Draw Eyes and Ears Easily

With a series of quality lessons dedicated to just about every area of art, it's no wonder so many people have opened their eyes to the great art tuition from Pencil Kings.

Whether you're into Manga or hyper-realistic painting, the lessons on how to draw eyes, ears and hair will help any artist give their work an added dimension.

Getting Creative with Comic Art

Comics are often one of the first examples of art people get inspired by, and you'll have complete acess to this awesome area too, with a series of incredible creative tutorials from digital painting masters like as Sycra Yasin and Giovani Kososki.

Through watching these tutorials, you will learn how to take your character from a small thumbnail sketch right through to a finished, fully-rendered digital painting.

Working with industry-standard software, such as Photoshop, these tutors expertly guide you through the creative process, leaving no stone unturned when going through each stage.

If you've ever wondered how digital artists achieve such amazing effects, these tutorials will reveal all, showing you how to configure your brushes for maximum impact and produce a finished piece that you can be proud of.

Get Into Gear for Vehicle Concept Artwork

Pencil Kings is committed to covering every area of creativity, which is why the site also features outstanding tutorials devoted to vehicle concept design from industry professionals like April Eriksson and James Ellis.

Computer games and CGI studios rely on artists to produce incredible vehicle design concepts and now you can learn how to achieve the same sparkling results.

These lessons will teach you how to draw precise lines and paint super-smooth color transitions to give you a leading edge in the creative industries.

So, put the key in ignition and prepare for an exhilarating journey into creativity!

There's Even a Free 30-Day Video Drawing Course to get You Started!

See for yourself just how dedicated art training from Pencil Kings can dramatically improve your art skills in just one month with this FREE Course on drawing the face - including video and downloadable homework.

All you need is a pencil, some paper and five minutes each day to unleash your creativity in ways you previously wouldn't have thought possible.

Whether you're a complete beginner or simply need a refresher course, our FREE targeted five-minute training sessions will sharpen your skills and give you all the knowledge you need to create amazing art.

Focusing on how to draw a face, this free course will inspire and motivate you, with regular email updates and assignments to help you along the way.

So, for awesome art training that really delivers, visit Pencil Kings today and see how we can inspire you.

Your creativity is a blank canvas,
et us show you how to make a mark in the creative industry!

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