Cartoon Orc Drawing Lesson

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In this lesson, let's create a cool-looking orc drawing - similar to the ones you see in WOW, or perhaps even Warhammer.

To get an idea of how your final drawing might look, check out the following full-color finished version...

Certain features POP OUT when you think 'orc'. For one, they've often got those huge hulking shoulder pads/armor - made of steel or even bones.

Once you've got a nice framework to work from, sketching in these details and others at the end - won't just be easier -- but tons of fun!

Let's get to it!...


First Step - Draw a 'Hunched' Framework for Your Orc Drawing

Beginning with the head, sketch out a simple framework from which to create your orc. I've drawn mine in a 'horse riding stance' - legs apart and arms at his side. And keeping with simplicity, the simple green arc seen below - is all it takes to help create that hunched look, often seen with orcs.

Here's how it looks...

Orc Drawing First Step Orc Drawing First Step

Looking at the basic outline above, start thinking about the design of your orc drawing with respect to the various features you'd like to add. In fact, keep a visual of all the cool additions you're going to make at the very end... it'll help you push on through.

Now - let's get drawing this orc!...

Second Step - Draw the Head of Your Orc

Same as you would any other person, animal, creature!... begin the head of your orc drawing by sketching in the main features - eyes, nose and mouth. The cross in your framework will aid in keeping position.

Here's how the head of my orc takes shape...

Orc Drawing Second Step Orc Drawing Second Step Orc Drawing Second Step

With the face in place, move to the outside and sketch in the perimeter of your orc's head. It's at this point where you can get a little bit creative -- see if you can change things around a bit. Actually, with the face as well... play around with it. Reverse the fangs... give him smaller eyes, a larger pig-like nose, etc. Have a look at some of the characters in computer games too for ideas.

All done the head then? Good stuff. On to the next step...

Third Step - Develop the Mid-Section of Your Orc - Armor, Hands, etc.

Alright. Now it's time to focus on bringing the central torso area into view... gradually. I say 'gradually' as there's a specific order to things that I think will make things easier for you to go by. Take your time as you move on through this phase.

OK - here's how the mid-section area of your orc drawing comes into view...

Orc Drawing Fourth Step Orc Drawing Fourth Step Orc Drawing Fourth Step Orc Drawing Fourth Step Orc Drawing Fourth Step Orc Drawing Fourth Step

Alright... how's your orc looking up to this point then? I hope you found this approach to be somewhat easier than expected. That was the idea here. Orcs have a ton of different things coming off them - leather, spikes, metal, armor, weapons, skulls... etc. And because of this - the whole drawing process can be a bit on the tedious side. Hopefully, this approach breaks things down for you to make it a little bit easier.

OK then... one last part and you're good to go!

Final Step - Finalize the Lower Part of Your Orc and Add Details

Well, that special moment is just around the corner now. Just gotta finish up the lower part of your drawing and then it's on to the really fun part -- adding in the details! For the legs of my orc, I went with something simple. Notice... you can only see the top part of his legs. Guess he's got really big boots on!

Here are two final images to help you place the final elements of your orc drawing - details included...

Orc Drawing Fourth Step Orc Drawing Fourth Step

The images above provide a nice visual for the transition of frameworked orc drawing, to the finished product. And as I mentioned earlier... YES - lots of details!

Notice how other than the framework - yours being lightly sketched with pencil lines -- I really didn't need to erase anything with respect to adding the final details. Makes for a very satisfying drawing experience indeed!

Anyway, enjoy this last phase of the drawing lesson. There are tons of different things you can do to make your orc all the more unique. See what you can come up with. Oh - and as for the 'G' on his belt. That'll stand for 'General Grock' (or maybe even 'Grack'?). I don't know... there's just something 'orcish' about that name. :-)

And that's it!


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