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An online community is in the works - an extension to the Cartoon Drawing Gallery at How-to-Draw-Cartoons-Online.com.


Here, like-minded beginner to intermediate-level artists will be able to create their very own profiles and portfolios, join and create groups, connect with other artists, share drawings and ideas, get constructive criticism, take part in cool challenges and competitions - and well...

Much more!

For the design of the new site - I think it would be amazing to have member's drawings integrated into it. Right now - if you look at the top and bottom of this site, you can see an assortment of my own unique cartoon characters. For the community - I'm going to replace them all, with drawings that you create.


Gradually, we'll end up replacing all the original characters - with brand new ones!

To give you a better idea of how it will look - I've integrated the first character - replacing the panda in the upper left part of the site.

Thank you Seok Hyun for making Yellmo a part of the new design! :-)

So then, here's how it looks - first, before any changes...


And then - with the addition of Seok Hyun's 'Yellmo' character...


So yes - as we get going with the new site, we'll gradually add more and more characters as they're suggested. I really think this will give it a totally unique look and feel.

It's going to be fun!

In the mean time - I'd like to invite you to test out the new online community site when as it first gets going. To do so, simply enter your name and email address using the form below.

I'll contact you when it's ready...

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