How to Draw Nyan Cat

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In order to truly appreciate the full magnitude of Nyan Cat, I first...

Recommend, you visit here. :-)

Yet another *super popular* meme, floating around the Internet - the idea of a cat, crossed with a Pop Tart, gliding throughout the galaxy - a never ending stream of rainbow trailing from behind...

It's something we can definitely have some fun drawing!

And yes, let's do just that.

To the lesson below!


Here's How to Draw Nyan Cat

One thing, that's really nice about this lesson - is its simplicity.

Looking at a clip of the Internet-version of Nyan Cat, it's really quite basic - its body composed of just a circle (the head), and a rectangle (Pop Tart body).

And so...

Sketching out a framework before-hand...

Nyan Cat First Step

We can come up with something, resembling the image that you see above.

Notice how I've curved, the vertical portion of the grey cross. This area marks off the positioning of its face. The curve helps to convey to the observer (and you - the drawer)...

That the image should appear 3D.

Here are some more framework lines...

Nyan Cat First Step

Simple - yet necessary items, to help bring forth the basic structure the character.

Something else...

Feel free to change this structure - according to the look you may be going for.

Bigger head, longer *more cat-like* legs...

Change the orange lines so that they're curved. Or even better. Create more space on your page, and have these orange lines twisting all about, showing its long and NEVERENDING rainbow path.

OK - let's draw - starting with the eyes, and the rest of the face...

Nyan Cat Second Step

And then next, using the circle portion of the framework (if it helps)... go ahead and bring the rest of its head into view, ears too...

Nyan Cat Second Step

The Pop Tart now - appearing behind its head, as Nyan Cat has turned its head to the left - here in this example...

Use the rectangle as a guide, as you carefully draw in - its curvy *imperfect* perimeter.

And of course, another one on the inside (more curvy!), for the delicious icing! :-)

Nyan Cat Second Step

Alright. How does yours look so far?

At this point, moving on to its tail and legs now - you may want to try something different.

You could give your character a longer 'tiger-like' tail. And again - you may want to change up the look and style of its legs.

Nyan Cat Second Step

Moving along, go ahead now - and sketch in the feet, one after the other.

You could ever draw them as simple circles if you like --- this would be more in line with its original look, on the Internet.

Super simple!

Nyan Cat Second Step

Ah, looking cuter than ever!

So from this point on, I added some color, gradients, and I even changed the colors of the lines.

Makes for a really soft and unique look.

Here's what mine looks like, colored...

Nyan Cat Second Step

And then of course...

This character *ABSOLUTELY MUST*...

Nyan Cat Second Step

Have a never ending rainbow trail, coming out from behind.


Well, what did you think of this lesson?

An idea...

If you go back a second time, you could give your cat a lion's mane, just after the step where you complete drawing its head.

Then, instead of Nyan Cat, it would of course be...

LYAN Cat. :-)


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