How to Draw Lord of the Rings


J. R. R. Tolkien's most popular work - The Lord of the Rings is a great place to 'draw' ideas from - as yes...

There are so many different types of creatures.

Elves, dwarves, orcs, dragons, and yes...

Cave Trolls!


One thing I find really cool with respect to creating drawing lessons and well - just art in general...

Is imagining what certain characters/monsters, etc. would look like - based on the author's description of them in the book.

How about yourself... ever tried this?

Lord of the Rings

Tolkien does an amazing job of this - and even though we've got a nice visual from the movie adaptation...

We can still take things a step further, and come up with different takes on the looks of things.

Just about half way through 'The Silmarillion' (as I'm typing this) - another great read!...

I'm thinking a character like Tulkas or Melkor - would be a great lesson.

But of course - any character from both the books, and those from the movies...

Will be fun to cartoonify and create.

To get started then, check out the list below!...


***g3.shtml***Smaug the DragonSmaug the Dragon
Here, let's draw Smaug - the dragon from the prequel to the Lord of the Rings... The Hobbit. Click to begin!

***g2.shtml***Lord of the Rings Fell BeastFell Beast Drawing Lesson
In this lesson... learn how to draw the dragon-like, wyrm-like, wyvern-like 'fell beast' from Tolkien's Middle Earth.

***g3.shtml***Lord of the Rings Eye of SauronEye of Sauron
Here's how to draw "The Eye of Sauron", just as it looks in the movie adaptation - high atop Barad-dur.

***g2.shtml***Lord of the Rings Cave TrollCave Troll
They have a Cave Troll! And we have one too... in the form of a drawing lesson. Make yours unique! :-)


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