Looney Tunes Drawing Lessons


Whenever I think of "Looney Tunes" - it's always sayings like...

“Beep beep!”

“What’s up, doc?

“I tawt I taw a putty tat!”

And even...

“I’m going to catch that wabbit!”...

That first come to mind. :-)


Surely, being on this page of the site - you recognized these phrases, and maybe to take things *just a bit further*...

You're a Looney Tunes fanatic!?

A simple test... match up each saying - with the names of the characters, who say them.


Bugs, Daffy, Tweety, Porky Pig, and other characters - are considered to be some of the symbols of American animation’s Golden Age.

I remember remember growing up, sitting in front of the television, laughing away - as my favorite characters were being pursued *unsuccessfully* by their nemeses.

There are instances wherein I really thought that Elmer Fudd would catch Bugs, or Sylvester would eventually get to eat Tweety, or Wiley Coyote would somehow manage to trap Road Runner.

How to Draw Looney Tunes
A Simple Bugs Bunny

I mean come on! That poor coyote. :-)


But yes, have you ever tried drawing any of these characters?

Using a simple framework strategy - it's actually easier than you may think.

For instance, if you are a newbie and you want to draw Bugs, it might not be ideal for you to try to copy his exact and actual form.


It can help to begin - by imagining him, as a simple arrangement of basic shapes.

You can draw a circle for his head and two oblongs for his torso. You can also draw two longs semi-parallel lines on his head to represent his fluffy ears. Once you are done with that, you can then proceed to filling in the other details.

And yes, speaking of which - here in the part of the site, please go ahead - pick your favorite Looney Tunes character from the list below...

And draw.


***g2.shtml***How to Draw Bugs BunnyHow to Draw Bugs Bunny
A simplified version - looking straight on, nice and symmetrical... learn how to draw one of the most popular characters of all time!


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