Cartoon Logo Design Lesssons


When it comes to logo design - there are tons (I mean TONS) of various emblems symbols, etc. in existence.

From business to sports to music to movies...

The list is a loooooong one.


One thing I love about logos - is their ability to convey a strong message and feeling about whatever body it is they represent.

And they do so in the simplest of ways.

Really, most successful designs are very basic...

Yet deliver with pin-point accuracy.

Logo Design


Here in this area of the site - I'd like to take a look at some of the many famous symbols out there - and of course...

Create simple cartoon drawing lessons around them!

A couple already completed below - are two of my favorites...

The Firefox emblem...

And the Ghostbusters emblem.


You'll notice with each - I've put my own creative 'spin' on things. I encourage you to - too!


Putting our 'designing caps' on...


***g2.shtml***Vancouver OlympicsInukshuk!
It's a cartoon inukshuk - based on the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games logo. Get creative here!

***g2.shtml***GhostbustersWho Ya Gonna Call?
This is one of my favorite logos of all time. Here, create a variation of it.

***g2.shtml***Mozilla FirefoxDraw a Mozilla 'Fire Fox' !
Learn how to draw a 'Fire Fox' --- based on the the logo for Mozilla's uber-popular Internet browser.


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