Iguanodon Drawing Lesson

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Iguanodon! Yes - it's time for another dinosaur-focused cartoon drawing lesson. And this herbivore - takes on a form that's similar to a T-Rex or Raptor - making it easier to draw as you can transfer what you've learned from the other lessons over to this one.

To the drawing board!...


How to Draw an Iguanodon

Going for a slight 3/4 tilt in the head area - here's a simple way to go about bringing the structure of your dinosaur into view - in the beginning. Some advice... visualize the shapes as you draw. You can sketch them - or 'think' them.


iguanodon  First Step

Then, connect your shapes with those lines which help to place-hold the neck, tail and limbs - soon to be sculpted with your pencil into something a bit more iguanodon-like...

iguanodon  First Step

OK - start with the eye then (windows to the soul)... and then - gradually bring the muzzle (beak?) of your dinosaur into view...

iguanodon  Second Step

Some more lines, and the head and neck are well in place. Take your time... get creative... and remember - there's no "ONE RIGHT WAY" to go about it. This is drawing! Have fun! :-)

iguanodon  Second Step

Moving on down the body, the spine/back/tail line can be drawn as a big arc. And this arc will change based on the positioning of your dinosaur's tail. Start bringing the left arm into view also...

iguanodon  Second Step

Mirror the other arm, but to show that it's positioned differently - draw only one digit - it's being viewed now directly from the side. The left leg can come forward now too like so...

iguanodon  Second Step

Fast forward to the details (get creative with this - besides... we don't really know what dinosaur skin looked like anyway with respect to color and pattern)... finish of your dinosaur...

iguanodon  Second Step

The color!

iguanodon  Second Step

And that's it - your dinosaur is now officially back from the future - in the form of a cool and unique cartoon drawing.

Have fun? I hope so... it's tons of fun creating these lessons and I really aim to see you improve. Keep at it! :-)


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