How to Draw Typhlosion

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How to draw Typhlosion!

Well, time for another cartoon drawing lesson - and this time, we're drawing a 'likeness' to one of the many cool-looking characters, in the Pokemon universe.

I say 'likeness' in that - yes, the end result does look a lot like the original character. However, in the spirit of being creative - I've changed things up, ever so slightly - to give the character a different sort of feel.

While working through this lesson, feel free to make yours closer to the original, or get creative, and give it a bit of your own unique style.

OK. Let's draw!


How to Draw Typhlosion

Beginning with a simple framework of basic shapes then - one I've already gone ahead, and faded out - begin drawing the character, by sketching in the eye - the ear, and a small line for the side of the cheek.

You'll notice right away - these features are slightly different than the original. Have a look at an image of Typhlosion while you work though, so you get an even better feel for the character.

Here are the first two steps...

Cartoon MeerkatCartoon Meerkat

Moving forward - in a sequence *that I felt* - would best help you progress, slowly bringing the character into view...

Next up - sketch in Typhlosion's fire mane (a series of spiky lines), along with the lower part of the mouth.

Once finished this step, and as you can see in the right...

Bring out the rest of the left arm and leg - with a few simple lines - just like this...

Cartoon MeerkatCartoon Meerkat

Looking up top for a second - you can see how to draw Typhlosion's mane - by simply mirroring another set of spiky lines, just to the left.

Next, move on forward again - this time...

Bringing the back into view - with a long swooping line, as well as the right arm, stomach, and part of the right leg.

Looks sort of like this...

Cartoon MeerkatCartoon Meerkat

And then - yes, looking up top for just a second once again (on the right) - you can see how to draw Typhlosion's tail, as well as the line that divides his underbelly (tan color) from the upper part of the body (dark blue).

So yes...

Minus the framework - just the black lines, and then *colored only* - here's the finished look of our character...

Cartoon MeerkatCartoon Meerkat

And that's that!

Now you know how to draw Typhlosion from Pokemon - or at lease a likeness to the character.

I hope you enjoyed this drawing lesson.

Will see you again soon, for another!


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