How to Draw Trees & Plants


How to draw trees and plants!

In this area of the site, we'll be focusing on drawing different kinds of cartoon trees & plants.

Sure - flowers should also fit into this category, but due to their immense popularity, they've got an entire section of their own.

Now let me just say it... learning how to draw trees is easy!

Right now, take a look at a tree outside.

If there are none - resort to a photo. And instead of just looking at the tree as it naturally appears to you, see if you can visualize it as two simple shapes...

A top and a bottom.

In many cases, if it's a deciduous tree you're looking at - the top will be more circular or ovular in shape.

And if it's a coniferous tree (the evergreen type), then the top will of course be more triangular in shape.


On the bottom, it can be said that all trees have the exact same (or very similar) shape. Be it a maple, a spruce, a palm or a cactus!...

The lower 'trunk' part of any tree takes the form of a rectangle.


With this 'two shape' idea in mind, learning how to draw trees or plants of any sort should now seem a lot easier to do.

And quite truthfully...

It will be!

Have a look at the happy anthropomorphic cartoon tree to the right.

See the two simple shapes?

A big circle up top, and a rectangle down below. All other curves and details are really just secondary to the more important BIG picture.


Alright, all this talk about things that grow can only mean one thing! It's time to see your artistic abilities grow too!

Let's get drawing.


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