How to Draw Stewie Griffin

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Alright, let's learn how to draw Stewie - Hands Down (at least in my opinion!)... the funniest character on Seth MacFarlane's hit TV show, Family Guy.

One thing I really like about this character, with respect to drawing - is that with only a few subtle changes in his facial features, you can create drastic changes in expression. His eyebrows, eyelids, and tiny mouth can all be changed around in a number of different ways to yield a number of different expressions. And best of all, it's quite easy to do!

On with the lesson...


First Step - How to Draw Stewie's Head

Begin your drawing of Stewie with a simple cross and circle as a guideline. Keep your lines light and penciled at this point... just want to have something as a reference. Notice how the horizontal part of the cross extends beyond the circle. This is to account for Stewie's 'football-like' head. Makes drawing it a snap!

Beginning with his eyes, here's how to draw Stewie's head...

How to Draw Bart First Step How to Draw Bart First Step How to Draw Bart First Step How to Draw Bart First Step How to Draw Bart First Step How to Draw Bart First Step

Pretty easy so far isn't it. Well, the body's fairly simple too. Before you move forward though, I think it would be fun at this point to draw a few more 'Stewie heads'. Take a look at some pictures of him and practice drawing some different looks/emotions. Note how the key changes will be in his eyebrows, eyelids and mouth.

The two circles below his head are the soon-to-be yellow buttons for his trousers. Let's draw them now, along with the rest of Stewie's body...

Second Step - Draw Stewie Griffin's Body

Moving on down the drawing, draw in Stewie's shirt and trousers using simple, well-placed, lines. Mirror your drawing about the centerline as you progress. It doesn't have to be perfect... just do your best to keep the left side close to the right in appearance.

Here's how to draw Stewie's body...

How to Draw Bart Second Step How to Draw Bart Second Step How to Draw Bart Second Step How to Draw Bart Second Step

And, a few simple step later... you're done! So, how'd your drawing turn out? The good thing about drawing a simple character like Stewie is that you can always redraw him again fairly quickly if you make a mistake. But then again... I encourage you to make the odd mistake as it only helps to improve. Just remember to keep pressing forward. With each time you draw something, comes a little bit more experience.

On to the finished product...

Final Step - That's How to Draw Stewie!

How to Draw Bart Final Step

And there you go! With your underlying pencil lines, neatly removed with a kneaded eraser, all that remains is your cartoon character.

Got some yellow and red pencil crayons on hand? Good! Go ahead and color your drawing just as I've done at the top of the page.

Anything else to mention?

If you like, you might want to retry this lesson, drawing Stewie in different poses. You could have his arms raised - perhaps he's holding something in one hand. A golf club!?

Great job on the lesson! Come on back soon for another!


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