How to Draw Snoopy

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Learning how to draw Snoopy - probably the most famous cartoon dog ever, is really easy as he's a very simplistic character. Often, with respect to simple cartoons that appear in comic strips, the characters are intentionally drawn this way as the cartoonist must draw the same character over and over.

To make things even more simple for you, I've included a basic breakdown of Snoopy's core shapes, shown in the form of a framework. Sketching it out ahead of time in pencil can be quite beneficial as it'll help you to maintain proportion as you progress.

Alright then, let's draw Snoopy!


First Step - How to Draw Snoopy's Head

From the side, drawing Snoopy's head is a very easy task. The core shape involved is a simple oval, and so - it's pretty easy to position his eye, nose and ear accordingly.

Like so...

How to Draw Snoopy First Step How to Draw Snoopy First Step How to Draw Snoopy First Step How to Draw Snoopy First Step

Simple indeed - and if you like, go ahead and give him a smile. Before you do though, I recommend you have a look at a picture of Snoopy. The correct placement of his mouth is detrimental to the overall look of the character.

OK - on to the body now...

Second Step - How to Draw Snoopy's Body

Moving on down, next - let's give Snoopy a body. Beginning with his arm and hand, have a look at the following examples to help you move forward.

Here's how it looks...

How to Draw Snoopy Second Step How to Draw Snoopy Second Step How to Draw Snoopy Second Step How to Draw Snoopy Second Step

Just about complete now, and as I'm sure you've noticed, we still need to draw in another foot! This is accomplished easily if you simply 'mirror' the end portion of Snoopy's right foot, over to his left. Do this, and you'll end up with something very similar to the following image...

Final Step - Your Drawing is Complete!

How to Draw Snoopy Final Step

The last part of the drawing lesson involves mirroring over Snoopy's other foot, as well as getting rid of the underlying framework.

As always, your guidelines should have been drawn very lightly, and using a pencil. This way, they erase very easily with a good-quality kneaded eraser.

So what next? Well, coloring is pretty well taken care of. Snoopy's white to begin with, and the only other parts that remain are - black for his ear, and red for his collar. And that's all.

And other than that - you're all finished!

You now know how to draw Snoopy... see you again soon for another famous cartoon character-oriented drawing lesson! :-)


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