How to Draw Pokemon


When learning how to draw Pokemon characters, a good rule of thumb is...

“Gotta catch them all!”

I mean...

"*Draw* them all!" :-)


Pokemon, which is basically an abbreviation for Pocket Monsters, is a cartoon series based on the journey of an ambitious boy named Ash and his friends towards defeating the best Pokemon trainers.

It is based on a popular Japanese video game, which is available in various gaming consoles. It is well-received by a lot of young people and adults who are young-at-heart.

After all, who could resist the charm of Pikachu, Charizard, and Bulbasoar, to name a few?

And yes - there are HUNDREDS of Pokemon that you can try to draw. Aside from these cute monsters, fans are also entertained by Ash and his best friends, Misty and Brock.

There are also other very interesting recurring characters such as Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny.


Of course, we can't mention Pokemon without mentioning their nemesis: Team Rocket. You can’t help but fall in love with the hilarious antics of Jessie, James, and Meowth.

How to Draw Pokemon
Gotta Draw Them All!

While watching the TV series and movies, and playing the video games can be an indicator of loyalty towards Pokemon...

Drawing the characters may just take, even a little more dedication.

Similar to drawing manga, the human characters in Pokemon either have large and expressive or very small eyes.

They also have outrageous hair colors and styles. The Pokemon, on the other hand, resemble real animals.


If you're drawing Pokemon for the first time, it can help to use a simple framework - from which to map out the character's shape and structure ahead of time. Of course, drawing from memory is something to strive for, and yes - something that comes with lots and lots of practice.

OK, let's learn how to draw Pokemon!



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