How to Draw Mew from Pokemon

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Another popular character - here, let's learn how to draw Mew from the Pokemon universe.

Interesting to know, while Mew is unable to evolve into another character - much like many of the creatures in this world, it (it's not a he or a she) - can do amazing things like turn invisible, and also...

Harness the power of magical force fields, and psychic energy!

A unique take, let's get to it...


How to Draw Mew from Pokemon

So let's start off this drawing lesson then, with a simple arrangement of basic shapes - three circles that help to solidify when imagining -- the overall form and stance of our Pokemon cartoon character.

Here's how it looks...

How to Draw a Penguin

And yes of course - Mew very much resembles a cat (perhaps crossed with a kangaroo!?)...

So here then, are some additional colored lines - ones that help to let us agree ahead of time, before we even throw any drawing lines down, that yes - this really will be, in fact...

A likeness to Mew from Pokemon.

How to Draw a Penguin

Fading out the framework then - again, draw it only if it helps... otherwise keep right on going, line for line - begin by bringing in the head of your cartoon character.

Here's how to draw Mew's head...

How to Draw a Penguin

Up to the top of the head now - you can go ahead and sketch in the eyes, just like the ones I did if you like, or then again...

Maybe you want to put your own unique spin on the character.

With the structure in place, do remember - you've got ample room here to have fun and be creative. Give Mew a baseball hat. Make the ears a little bigger, smaller, pointier. Lots of possibilities.

Here's how it looks...

How to Draw a Penguin

And yes - just like we were saying, go right ahead now - and sketch in the ears.

After that, move on down to the body - and keep right on drawing, similar to what I've done here...

How to Draw a Penguin

Fading out to grey - those lines that we've already drawn in the last step, NEXT...

Move on down to sketch in the left paw of the character, as well as more of Mew's body (front and back).

Here's how to draw these parts...

How to Draw a Penguin


How is your Pokemon character coming along? Resemblance to Mew?

Well, at this point - you can go right ahead and continue on sketching the tail, feet, and the right arm.

I know, I've sort of skipped ahead a little below. Maybe could have had one more step in between. Hopefully though, you can get the gist of these next few steps with what I've shown here...

How to Draw a Penguin

OK - so here then, let's take a look at *just Mew*, no more underlying framework lines.

Here's how the character looks...

How to Draw a Penguin

And then of course, some Pink for a classic Mew look...

How to Draw a Penguin

And there we go - that's how to draw Mew from Pokemon, colored and all!

As always, I really hope you were able to get some new and interesting ideas, by working through this cartoon drawing lesson.

Keep practicing and I'll see you super soon for the next lesson!!!


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