How to Draw Eevee from Pokemon

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OK. Let's learn how to draw Eevee from the Pokemon universe - a character that first appeared on the scene in a Pokemon video game, and that (this is so cool!) - due to unstable genetics...

Can "evolve" into 8 other characters, depending of course - on the situation.

Here in this lesson, instead of drawing the character *exactly* as it looks in the cartoon, I added a little bit of my own drawing style along the way.

So yes, this - as with many of the lessons on this site (and I encourage you to do the same) - is more of a 'homage' or likeness, to the real Eevee.

Let's begin!


How to Draw Eevee from Pokemon

First thing then - with this Pokemon-focused cartoon drawing lesson - let's go ahead and sketch out, nice and light... three overlapping circles, like so...

How to Draw a Penguin

Right away - I would hope!...

Above you can make out the head and body areas of our character.

But of course, a few more details - and even more so - will help to cement the structural visuals of Eevee, *before* we go about mapping out the lines.

And yes - big ears, tiny body - to be honest, Eevee (before we actually start developing the character), very sort of resembles a chihuahua!

How to Draw a Penguin

So onto the lines now, and really fading out the framework lines so we can better see (remember - only draw the framework lines, if they help you)...

Here's how to draw Eevee, in the initial stages of the head - beginning with big ears, and tiny features like cheeks, nose, and mouth...

How to Draw a Penguin

And yes, moving right along now...

Zoom in on the core of the head area - and before bringing out the perimeter - sketch in some nice big eyes.

Oh - and do keep in mind... I incorporated my own style in parts of this lesson. Eevee's eyes here, look almost less anime in a way. Feel free to adjust your character, however you see fit, as we progress...

How to Draw a Penguin

Head in place - go ahead now, and complete the inside of the ears, followed by the furry little mane, that sits just below the chin.

Here's how mine looks...

How to Draw a Penguin

So, how are you doing this far in?

Notice how again - especially when you compare this image, with another one of Eevee - there are some distinct *yet not too drastic* differences in the way they look.

Have some fun by giving your character some unique changes and additions here and there *while not deviating too too far* - from something that's "supposed to" look like Eevee.

Hopefully, this makes sense! :-)

Now to the front legs...

How to Draw a Penguin

Simple stuff above - just a few curvy lines. And yes - next, go on over to the right of the Pokemon character, and sketch in the more of the legs...

Front legs, including the beginnings of the back left leg. Just like this...

How to Draw a Penguin

Well, you've just about successfully learned how to draw Eevee from Pokemon.

Next up, bring out the back side of the character - and then, finish things off - with a nice full tail.

Here's how it looks...

How to Draw a Penguin

Lines only now - here's what we've got...

How to Draw a Penguin

And then alas - really bringing out the Pokemon-look, using colors that resemble how Eevee does in the series...

How to Draw a Penguin

And you're done!

So yes - that's one way, for how to draw Eevee from Pokemon.

I hope you had fun with this cartoon drawing tutorial, and also - looking forward to seeing you again real soon, for another!

Til next time...


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