How to Draw Clefairy from Pokemon

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Here in this Pokemon-focused lesson, let's learn how to draw Clefairy, a mystical creature commonly found on "Mt. Moon" - and one that evolves from a much smaller likeness of the character...

The "cleffa".

Based on a simple circle/oval - this is actually a pretty easy lesson, in that you've got lots of room to focus on creativity and details.

Notice, I did change some things in this version of the character (hands, feet, wing) - just remember though, it's the *likeness* that we're aiming for here...

Not perfection and exactness! :-)


How to Draw Clefairy from Pokemon

Getting right down to it - first up, let's take a look at just what sort of physical form attributes we can point out before-hand with our character, ones that will really help to solidify the shape of Clefairy in the beginning.

Here's how to draw Clefairy's shape - or at least a way that you can think about it, if you like...

How to Draw Clefairy

Pretty simple, right?

For sure, an oval - some triangles... a few more lines...

And yes - diving right into the drawing itself now, go ahead and sketch out a simple Clefairy-like face, along with the trademark "swirl" on the top of its head - sort of like this...

How to Draw Clefairy

Haha, nice and cute! Just what we wanted.

Moving either side of the swirl now - here's how to draw Clefairy's body - beginning with the pointy triangular ears, and followed up by some tiny little arms.

Note - I did simplify the "claws" to rounded ends here. I did this to make it even easier for you. Of course, add the claws, and any other details you see fit.

Have fun with it! :-)

How to Draw Clefairy

Pretty straight forward now - next, go ahead and sketch in the circular body of Clefairy - 5 curved lines, or yes - another way you could look at it/implement it...

A circle-shape made in Photoshop, and then cut out/erased in those places, where it makes sense to do so. Either way works!

Here's how it turned out...

How to Draw Clefairy

OK, so now that we're almost done - please go ahead and sketch in some of the last defining details of our character - those like lines on the ears, the legs, the tail, and yes - even a little fairy wing...

How to Draw Clefairy

Few more adjustments - and here's what Clefairy looks like - just lines.

Oh, and I actually made a tiny error where the tail meets the wing. The wing should (or could) overlap the tail a little bit *instead* of the other way around.

No big deal, it's really subtle. But do make the adjustment, if you like...

How to Draw Clefairy

So what's next? Er, what's last!

Color of course - and yes, with a simple pinkish palette - it's not too difficult at all.

Here's how it looks...

How to Draw Clefairy

Well, thus marks the end of another drawing lesson here on the site. Aren't Pokemon characters so much fun to create?

And yes - now you know how to draw Clefairy, so one more under your belt.

Hope you had fun! See you again! Soon!!! :-)


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