How to Draw Chewbacca

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Attempting how to draw Chewbacca - everyone's favorite Wookie, one of the many different species in the Star Wars series...

I thought it would be fun to put a spin on the character's look - giving him a different style, but one that still holds a close likeness to the original.

Below then - using your imagination as you progress through the lesson, see if you can come up with something similar to what I've drawn. At the very least though - and as always...

See if you can branch off - and come up with a totally unique creation!

Let's get to it...


How to Draw Chewbacca

First thing's first - *if of course, this is something that helps you* - go right ahead, and sketch out a simple arrangement of basic shapes -- a simplified drawing, to help give you a better idea of how the character will come together.

Here's how mine looks...

How to Draw Chewbacca

And next up - two distinct details taken into account, ones that are key to making Chewbacca look *close to* how he's supposed to...

Go ahead and sketch in a couple detail markers (I did this in green) - bringing to mind, both the ammo strap across his body, and the positioning of his gun.

The example...

How to Draw Chewbacca

OK, a simple structure in place - next, let's go ahead and start to bring out a unique and cartoony look for Chewbacca.

Below - beginning with some very simple face details (yes - very different from the original character), here's how to draw Chewbacca, step by step...

How to Draw Chewbacca

Face details in place - next, keep right on going with some spiky lines - ones that brig out Chewbacca's fur around the face and head - and also, along his left arm.

It's true - at this stage of the drawing, and the one before this - it's the face that really gives you an idea, for how the character will come to be. Definitely, this is quite different than how Chewbacca actually looks.

A few subtle changes here (smaller eyes, lips, bigger triangular nose - with nostrils, etc.) - and you can have something that looks more like the original.

OK, here he is so far...

How to Draw Chewbacca

More simple lines - next, here's how to draw Chewbacca's ammo belt - strapped across the front of his body, and also - go ahead and add in some lines to complete his head, left arm, and the beginnings of his feet...

How to Draw Chewbacca

So, how are you doing so far?

Fading what we've already drawn to grey, as things progress - next up, go ahead and move to the left of the drawing, sketching in Chewbacca's hand (holding his crossbow), as well as his chest and the first part of his legs.

Like so...

How to Draw Chewbacca

And now - more simple lines, bring out the cool-looking futuristic crossbow weapon, as well as his right arm, holding it, some of the lines on his ammo belt...

And then down, to complete Chewbacca's legs.

How to Draw Chewbacca

One last thing now - here's how to draw the rest of the gun and ammo belt - with just a few more details...

How to Draw Chewbacca

OK - black and white only now...

How to Draw Chewbacca

And here he is in the very end - colored and all...

How to Draw Chewbacca

Alright, another fun cartoon Star Wars character, drawing lesson complete!

Have to ask you, how did you find this lesson? Did you change it any way, to make it more or less like the Chewbacca from the movies?

Either way, I hope you enjoyed this unique take on creating him.

See you real soon for the next one! :-)


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