How to Draw Cartoon Characters


When it comes to drawing, learning how to draw cartoon characters - those we know from the many popular comics, TV shows and movies...

Iis a very enjoyable way to go about it.

We all have our favorites, and for sure - we've all thought at one point or another...

"Woudn't it be cool if I could draw that character?!"

Snoopy, Hello Kitty...


There all sorts of different famous cartoon characters to draw.


In this area of the site, I'd like to show you how to draw some of my favorite characters - and more importantly...

Some of yours!

There's been lots of feedback as to who wants to draw what, so I've got a pretty good idea of what kinds of drawing lessons should be up in this section.

How to Draw Cartoon Characters

Regarding the style of which the lessons are presented, I think it would be best to still to a very close likeness to the actual characters.

In other sections -- Cartoon Heroes & Star Wars, going for a simplified likeness is fun as many of the characters are so popular - so iconic, that so long as you maintain certain attributes...

They look like the characters you're trying to draw.

Here though, many of the famous characters I'll be making lessons around are already simple enough in nature that it only makes sense to draw close to how they would normally look.

Keeping to a framework-first approach to help you out (if maintaining proportion early on is something you find to be helpful), we'll do the same here with these lessons, building up from there.

Alright then, I'd say now's a pretty good time to get started.

Choose one of the lessons from the list below, and be on your way to learning how to draw cartoon characters!


***g3.shtml***How to Draw PinguHow to Draw Pingu
Learn how to draw 'Pingu' - from the popular claymation TV show, running from 1986 to 2000.

***g3.shtml***How to Draw Kermit the FrogHow to Draw Kermit the Frog
In this lesson, learn to draw Kermit the Frog - from the Muppets, one of the most famous characters ever!

***g2.shtml***How to Draw GumbyHow to Draw Gumby
Made of clay and ready to play - this is how to draw Gumby.

***g2.shtml***How to Draw Jack SkellingtonDraw Jack Skellington
This IS Halloween. This IS Halloween. This IS how to draw Jack Skellington! :-)

***g2.shtml***How to Draw ElmoIt's Time to Draw Elmo!
Ready for a good tickle - learn to draw Elmo - one of the most memorable Sesame Street characters ever!

***g2.shtml***How to Draw PikachuHow to Draw Pikachu
Do you love Pokemon? Is drawing your thing?? Learn how to draw Pikachu!!!

***g2.shtml***How to Draw MegamanMegaman!!
In this lesson, try your hand at drawing Megaman - another popular Nintendo character.

***g2.shtml***How to Draw LinkDraw Link from Legend of Zelda
Learn how to draw a simple cartoon Link - much easier to draw than the one you'll find below!

***g2.shtml***How to Draw a GoombaDraw a Goomba
Learn how to draw a simple Mario Cartoon Character - that often gets squashed... a Goomba!

***g2.shtml***How to Draw SquidwardHow to Draw Squidward
In this characterish cartoon drawing lesson, learn how to draw Squidward from Spongebob!

***g2.shtml***How to Draw Bugs BunnyHow to Draw Bugs Bunny
Learn how to draw the most popular cartoon rabbit on the planet -- Bugs Bunny!

***g2.shtml***How to Draw StewieHow to Draw Stewie
Learn how to draw Stewie Griffin from Seth MacFarlane's hit TV show - Family Guy!

***g2.shtml***How to Draw SpongebobHow to Draw Spongebob
Do you absolutely love Spongebob Squarepants? Perfect! Check out this lesson and learn to draw him!

***g2.shtml***How to Draw Hello KittyHow to Draw Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty, one of the cutest cartoon characters ever, is fairly simple to draw. Learn how here!

***g2.shtml***How to Draw SnoopyHow to Draw Snoopy
In this simple cartoon drawing lesson, let's pay homage to the most famous beagle on the planet, Snoopy!

***g3.shtml***How to Draw Scooby DooHow to Draw Scooby Doo
Here in this drawing tutorial, learn how to create a simple sitting version of Scooby Doo.

***g3.shtml***Fire FoxHow to Draw a Fire Fox
The Firefox web browser, has a pretty cool-looking logo. Here in this lesson, let's draw a cute-looking cartoon "fire fox".

***g3.shtml***James P SullivanJames P Sullivan
In this cartoon drawing lesson, go ahead and draw James P Sullivan - the top scarer character, from Disney's Monsters INC.

***g3.shtml***How to Draw a Ninja TurtleHow to Draw a Ninja Turtle
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is such a great show! Here, learn how to draw your favorite character of the four.

***g2.shtml***How to Draw LinkHow to Draw Link
The greatest video game hero of all time? Perhaps! Learn how to draw Link from Nintendo's Zelda series.

***g2.shtml***How to Draw Mickey MouseHow to Draw Mickey Mouse
M-I-C, K-E-Y... let's learn how to draw Mickey Mouse - perhaps the most famous character ever!

***g2.shtml***Drawing DayHow to Draw Peter Griffin
BIG Family Guy fan? Great! Here, take a moment to learn how to draw Peter Griffin!

***g2.shtml***How to Draw HomerHow to Draw Homer
Doh!... It's everyone's favorite cartoon Dad - learn how to draw Homer Simpson.

***g2.shtml***How to Draw BartHow to Draw Bart Simpson
In this character drawing lesson, learn how to draw Bart Simpson from yes - The Simpsons!

***g2.shtml***How to Draw SonicHow to Draw Sonic
Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the coolest gaming characters of all time. Here's a simple way to draw him.

***g2.shtml***How to Draw MarioHow to Draw Mario
Seriously, who doesn't love Mario!? Exactly. Everyone loves him! And now -- let's draw him! :-)

Be sure to check back the 'how to draw cartoon characters' section from time to time. Lots more cartoon characters to come!


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