How to Draw Cartoon Animals

Showing others how to draw cartoon animals - ones that are super fun and easy to create, is one of my favorite things to do. Even now on the site, there are lots of cartoon animal drawing lessons, and of course - lots more on the way!

How to Draw Cartoon Animals

Looking at the header image up top, or even at some of my other drawings - you can see that while knowing how to draw simple-looking animals can be quite easy and enjoyable... there's more to learn if you're interested in taking your work to another level.

For example, I often enjoy 'transforming' my otherwise basic-looking-animal-creations, into something more human-like - sort of like how Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny look. Basically -- I like creating my own unique cartoon characters!

Anyway, because I love drawing animals, and evolving them into unique characters - I thought it would really neat if I created a brand new drawing resource, offering a deeper insight into creating animals and cartoon characters. And yes - that's exactly what I've decided to do!

In and among the other drawing lessons and additions you'll find popping up over the next couple of months, I'll also be working away at this new drawing book. My goal is to have it completed this summer. If you like, Bookmark and Share this page so you can check back every now and then to see how things are coming along.

Anyway - that's the scoop! I'm really looking forward to continue working on this book, and in time - getting it up on the site.

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