How to Draw a Ninja Character

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Here in this lesson, let's learn how to draw a ninja - one that's simple, symmetrical - and that's holding a sword and nunchucks.

While following through the steps of this lesson - do keep in mind...

Feel free as always, to branch off and add in your own unique ideas to the sketch, as we progress.

You can change the structure, size, color... you can add different weapons - so yes, think of this lesson as a fully customizable character!

Here goes...


How to Draw a Ninja

In approaching this drawing lesson - how to draw a ninja...

Let's begin with a simple framework - one that's symmetrical, making it simple to "mirror" parts of our character - from left to right.

And yes, this part is only here to help you *if* in fact, drawing a framework helps. In doing so (light opacity digital lines, or lightly-sketched penciled lines)... the form of the character becomes much more clear, making it easier to focus on creativity.

Here it is...

How to Draw a Ninja


Fading out our framework - next, go ahead and sketch in the hood of the ninja, something nice and simple, just like this...

How to Draw a Ninja

And next - our previous lines faded to grey, mark off the eyes and the ties of the hood - sort of like this...

How to Draw a Ninja

Moving on down the drawing now - here, I've just sort of "guesstimated" where the body will take shape, in behind the sash, and belt - which appear closer to the eye in the drawing.

Actually - using the computer, I was able to go back a step. However, I think it would be better to complete the sash (with ninja stars) and belt (with bombs) - in total...

Before you go ahead, and draw in the body.

Just makes more sense. Here it is...

How to Draw a Ninja

Next up - continue forward, drawing the sash and belt - and also, the clenched fists of the ninja, simple and how they may look - grasping two different ninja-like weapons.

How to Draw a Ninja

And keep right on going - now, over to the arms and legs - bringing them into view with some simple arcing lines.

Just like so...

How to Draw a Ninja

Well, almost done now. In this next step - go ahead and sketch in the two weapons our cartoon ninja is holding, a simple sword and nunchucks.

Here's how mine looks...

How to Draw a Ninja

And yes, the lesson *almost* complete now - here's a final look at our ninja character, minus any framework lines - just black and white...

How to Draw a Ninja

Finally, a touch of color...

How to Draw a Ninja

And you're done!

So that's how to draw a ninja - or one of many many ways, at least.

I hope you had fun with this lesson - and also, I hope you got real creative and came up with some of your very own unique ideas, along the way.

See you soon for more lessons!


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