How to Draw a Lightsaber

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When learning how to draw a lightsaber, the first thing we need to decide is... which one? Well, seeing how Luke Skywalker made his own lightsaber 'from scratch' between Empire and Jedi - after Vader sliced off his hand... let's draw this one as similarly - we'll be drawing one 'from scratch'. This is the very same lightsaber that he used, to finally bring balance to the force at the end of Return of the Jedi.

Actually - this is a good model to go with as there's lots of variation in the handle - and more colors as well than some of the others.

Right then -- here's how to draw a lightsaber!


First Step - How to Draw a Lightsaber

Before we begin, there's something I should first say. If you look at a replica model of this same lightsaber, you'll notice that it's much more detailed than the one we're drawing here. So please be aware - especially if you're a die-hard fan -- this lesson is not aimed at getting every detail perfectly matched up with the one from the movie. Instead - and in the spirit of drawing cartoons -- it's simplification we're after, and ultimately... a close 'likeness' to the one from Return of the Jedi.

subtle differences would include: less black rings on the upper-part of the handle, no buttons on the box that attaches at the side of the handle, and also - less curvature in the overall look of the handle. Even still though - when all is said and drawn -- it still looks very much like the one Luke constructed.

Alright... that said - let's build a lightsaber!

How to Draw Lightsaber First Step How to Draw Lightsaber First Step

Just like the swords in a previous lesson, here we're starting with a simple horizontal line. And it makes sense -- this is a nice little guide to ensure the weapon stays straight and narrow. Don't hesitate to use a ruler if you think you need it.

Once the line's in place, mark off the handle area and tip of the lightsaber with a few markings of your choice. Do this, and then carry on with the lesson like so...

How to Draw Lightsaber First Step How to Draw Lightsaber First Step How to Draw Lightsaber First Step How to Draw Lightsaber First Step

Simple stuff isn't it! Sure, if you wanted to... you could totally kick things up a notch and go for something a little more realistic. But once colored, blade included - this'll look very much like the lightsaber we're aiming for!

Here's how the finished version looks...

Final Step - You Know How to Draw a Lightsaber!!

Minus those lightly sketched pencil marks from earlier on, and PLUS the actual lightsaber... here's what the finished version looks like...

How to Draw Lightsaber Final Step

Pretty simple, but pretty darn cool-looking too. So, did yours turn out alright? Great! Next up - add some color. And sure - normally I'd recommend a variety of different colors to complete a drawing you just did, but here - I'm sorry to say -- it's a different story. This lightsaber MUST BE colored green. :-)

And there you have it. The force - with respect to learning how to draw a lightsaber - is now officially strong with you!


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