How to Draw Holiday Cartoons

There are all sorts of different holiday cartoons we could draw as of course -- there are all sorts of different holidays!


And so, with a 'seasonal' train of thought, this will be the place for various drawing lessons, each dedicated to a specific time of year.

And one thing that definitely comes to mind with respect to words like 'seasonal' and 'holiday' - is decorating.

It's true. People just love to create and decorate leading up to whatever that special time or day may be. And when the decorations are made by you - well hey...

It's all the more special. :-)

Holiday Cartoons

So what kinds of holiday cartoons are we talking about here?


If it's someone's birthday, a cake would fit in very well.


How about some hearts, roses... or even some chocolate?

A shamrock on St. Paddy's and a sun to bring in the new year... there are many, many ideas that come to mind.

Alright, let's get drawing. Choose a lesson from the list below to begin...


***space.shtml***Holiday Cartoons Cartoon HeartsEasy Cartoon Hearts
Check out this quick and easy lesson and learn to draw rounded and tapered cartoon hearts.

***space.shtml***Holiday Cartoons Party Horn DrawingParty Horn Drawing
Here, create a neat little party horn drawing - just like the ones people use to celebrate on New Year's Eve!

***space.shtml***Holiday Cartoons Party Hat DrawingParty Hat Drawing
Similar to the ones people actual wear on New Year's Eve, here create your very own party hat drawing!

***space.shtml***Holiday Cartoons Cartoon GiftsDraw Simple Cartoon Gifts!
Here's another 'Holiday Cartoons' drawing lesson - creating simple cartoon gifts... a bow, box and you're done!

***space.shtml***Holiday Cartoons Cartoon SnowflakeUnique Cartoon Snowflake
In this lesson, 'let go' and really get creative as you draw your very own, original cartoon snowflake.

***space.shtml***Holiday Cartoons Cartoon SnowmanFestive Cartoon Snowman
Your traditional cartoon snowman is composed of three simple circles. And that's exactly how we'll draw one.

***space.shtml***Holiday Cartoons Lunar New YearCartoon Moons
In this lesson, learn how to draw not one, but two simple cartoon moons - each one a different phase.

***space.shtml***Holiday Cartoons Cartoon HeartCartoon Heart
Draw a happy cartoon heart to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. When you're done - share it!

***new.shtml***Holiday Cartoons Easter BunnyHow to Draw the Easter Bunny
In this lesson, draw yourself a cute, hopping cartoon Easter Bunny - eggs in a basket and all!

***space.shtml***Holiday Cartoons Cartoon FireworksCartoon Fireworks
In this drawing lesson, learn how to create some droopy, 'willow tree-like' cartoon fireworks.

***space.shtml***Holiday Cartoons Cartoon TurkeyA Thanksgiving Cartoon Turkey
In celebration of Thanksgiving, drawing a cartoon turkey just like this one is easy to do. See for yourself!

***space.shtml***Holiday Cartoons Cartoon LeprechaunDraw a Cartoon Leprechaun
For the 'greenest' day of the year, get in the St. Paddy's spirit with this cartoon leprechaun drawing lesson!

***space.shtml***Holiday Cartoons Cartoon SunCartoon Sun
The first rising sun of the new year is celebrated by different countries around the world. Draw one here!

***space.shtml***Holiday Cartoons Cartoon EarthA Wonderful Cartoon Earth
In recognition of Earth Day, today and always, have fun drawing this very simple and wonderful cartoon world!


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