How to Draw Halloween Cartoons


Ready to draw some Halloween Cartoons?

One thing's for sure, when it comes to the 'spookiest' day of the year, Halloween most definitely takes the cake.

It's on this day that people all over the world pay homage in their own special way to all things ghoulish, goblinish... well...

Halloweenish! :-)


Growing up, Halloween was always one of my favorite days of the year.

And yeah sure it was cool dressing up and trick-or-treating around the neighborhood... but to be honest... and quite fittingly might I add!...

I was all about creating the decorations (in the form of drawings of course).

Halloween Cartoons Picture


When you think about it...

Halloween is THE perfect category for drawing cartoons.

It's got a little bit of everything.. animals, elements, food, monsters, people, etc.

Yup - from vampires to vampire bats... the Halloween section is definitely a winner!

Well, I won't keep you... besides, I bet you can't wait to get going, creating some extra-spooky Halloween drawings of your own.

And so, select one of the lessons from the list below to begin... let's draw Halloween cartoons!


***g2.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon BoneCartoon Bone
Learn how to draw a simple cartoon bone - with a slightly '3D' appearance.

***g2.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon MaskCartoon Mask
Learn how to draw a simple-at-first, cartoon mask. Get creative and make it complex!

***g2.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon MonsterCartoon Monster
About a circle - learn how to draw a simple cartoon monster... the possibilities are endless.

***g2.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon WerewolfCartoon Werewolf
Full moon or not - let's learn to draw this simple cartoon werewolf!

***g2.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon VampireCartoon Vampire
Here's a cute little cartoon vampire to draw, with a great big head!

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon PumpkinCartoon Pumpkin
In this lesson, learn how to draw a simple pumpkin - perfect shape to carve a face from!

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon FrankensteinCartoon Frankenstein
Bring the ultimate monster of fright - to life in this brand new Halloween cartoon drawing lesson!

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon BatLittle Cartoon Bat
In this lesson, learn how to draw a simple cartoon bat in only six very easy steps. Makes a nice decoration!

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon SkeletonSimple Cartoon Skeleton
Make no bones about it, drawing a simplified cartoon skeleton like this one is a piece of cake.

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Drawing Pumpkin FacesDrawing Pumpkin Faces
Drawing pumpkin faces for the perfect jack o lantern is a pretty simple task. Learn how to draw your own!

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Grim Reaper DrawingsGrim Reaper Drawings
Learn how to draw one of the most infamous villains of them all... create your own grim reaper drawings!

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon WitchDraw a Cartoon Witch
In yet another Halloween Cartoons drawing lesson, create a simple cartoon witch, flying in front of the moon.

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Jack O Lantern DrawingCartoon Jack O Lantern
No messy seeds to clean up here! Take out your pencil and carve yourself a drawing of a Jack-O-Lantern.

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon GhostDraw a 'Bed Sheet' Cartoon Ghost
Tap into your Sixth Sense... 'drawing sense' that is! In this lesson, learn how to draw a simple cartoon ghost.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Monsters Dark Demon DrawingScary Demon Drawings
Learn how to create simple yet scary looking demon drawings, similar to Diablo and the Balrog from LOTRs!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Monsters Cartoon Drawing of a SkullCartoon Drawing of a Skull
The skull is one of the ultimate symbols of fright! Take on this easy lesson and create your own spooky skull!

***g2.shtml***Halloween Cartoons How to Draw Tree MonstersHow to Draw Tree Monsters
Here's a fun lesson - learn how to draw some cool-looking *scary too!*... tree monsters!

***g2.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Black CatBlack Cat and a Pumpkin
Learn how to draw a cute black cat and a pumpkin... err - Jack O Lantern! :-) Happy Halloween!!

***g2.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon WitchesDraw Cartoon Witches
Learn how to draw cartoon witches. Make sure you include key elements in your drawing.

***g1.shtml***Halloween Haunted HouseHaunted House
Learn how to draw a cool looking & complex! cartoon haunted house - designed by you!

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons GhostHow to Draw a Ghost
Create your very own cartoon ghost, one with character - and that can hypnotize you!!

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon SkullCartoon Skull Lesson
Learn how to draw a spooky cartoon skull at a 3/4 angle. Get creative to make it uniquely yours!

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon MummyPossessed Cartoon Mummy
Back from the dead, this cartoon mummy is bandaged, possessed!, and awaits to be drawn by you!

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon DevilSneaky Cartoon Devil
Learn how to draw a sneaky cartoon devil with a small body, a big head, and holding a pitchfork.

***g3.shtml***Halloween CartoonHalloween Cartoon Characters
Here, learn how to draw a unique group of some of the most popular halloween cartoon characters.

***g2.shtml***Halloween Cartoons VampireDraw a Unique Vampire
Learn how to draw a vampire - unique from how most vampires would normally look.

***g2.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon GoblinA Green Goblin!
Learn how to draw a cute? little goblin - green, with a bone - and yes - candy corn on his horns!!

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Cartoon ZombieIndestructable Cartoon Zombie
Reanimate the dead in this Halloween cartoons related drawing lesson... draw an indestructable cartoon zombie!

***g1.shtml***Halloween Cartoons Vampire DrawingsOld School Vampire Drawings
Here, create your very own 'old school' cartoon vampire drawings. Follow along, customizing as you progress.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Monsters Werewolf DrawingsCreate Cool Werewolf Drawings
Some people think that on a full moon, werewolves dwell! Here, put your imagination to the test and draw one!


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