How to Draw Halloween Cartoon Characters

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How to draw Halloween cartoon characters.

Wow - what a fun lesson, this was to create!

Grouping some of the most popular 'faces of fright' - into one single drawing - let's take an in-depth look, step by step - at not only how to draw various monsters, those like a werewolf, a witch, and a vampire...

But perhaps more importantly - with respect to drawing...

An approach that may just help to give you a different insight, for drawing a group of characters in one drawing.

Starting with a simple framework - laying out some basic shapes, and then gradually moving upward, and back - away from the observer...

Here's how the lesson unfolds


Drawing Halloween Cartoon Characters in a Group

Obvious in the image at the very top, here - we're going to be drawing: a black cat, a jack-o-lantern, a scarecrow, a mummy, a goblin, a ghost, a witch, a werewolf, a skeleton, a vampire, frankenstein, a gargoyle, and a bat...

13 characters in all.

Beginning at the very front - those monsters appearing closest to the observer, and also - working our way up, as we'll gradually sketch in additional monsters (as it makes sense to do so) - here's the very first step..

Halloween Cartoon

Circles, crosses - and some green lines to help with the placement of key features - the first 5 characters are *somewhat* in place.

Next up...

Halloween Cartoon

Sketch in some additional lines, something to mark off the *general* area - where the bodies of your characters will fill space.

Normally of course, I'd spend more time developing a framework of basic shapes, for each one.

Here though - I just want you to have the general idea of how it will come together. It will allow you to better focus on creativity, which of course...

Is the point! :-)


More characters now...

Halloween Cartoon

And more "body space holders" too...

Halloween Cartoon

And the initial phase of our Halloween cartoon drawing lesson, is complete.


Now - for the drawing, beginning (as it would make sense to do so) - with the black cat and jack-o-lantern, located at the lower/front/center - of the group of characters.

Here's how it begins...

Halloween Cartoon

And next, fading out those parts of the drawing, to grey - lines we've already drawn...

Go ahead and continue, gradually bringing forth the first 2 of 13 Halloween cartoon character...

Halloween Cartoon

More lines, bringing forth a unique look for the cat and jack-o-lantern.

Use these images of course, to help you with ideas.

Sequence is something to certainly consider. And with such an analytical approach as this - it could just help you to visualize your own creations, step by step - with a tad bit more clarity.

I certainly hope it does! :-)

Halloween Cartoon

OK. Wrapping up the first two cartoon characters now...

Halloween Cartoon

Next - move on up to the witch and goblin - starting of course, with the head area on each.

You'll notice that with each character, there will be less to draw, as each one - as they fall behind, in the group - will be obscured more an more.

Something else...

Beginning with the eyes (or face at least), with each Halloween cartoon character - you'll develop a deeper insight *much faster* - as to how you'll create yours, to look especially unique.

Halloween Cartoon

Continue on with the goblin and witch...

Halloween Cartoon

More lines still, gradually bringing into view their heads...

Halloween Cartoon

And yes - keep right on going! :-)

Halloween Cartoon

Next up, notice how I sort of stopped - thought - and went ahead with the hand of the soon-to-be ghost, in between the goblin and witch?

Thinking ahead like this, can help to prevent erasing - a little ways down the road.

And with such a structured approach, ensuring you get it right (don't worry though - please, make mistakes - you'll get better)...

Could be that much easier.

Halloween Cartoon

More on the goblin and witch cartoons...

Halloween Cartoon

And more still - this time, bringing the witch's clenched fist into view, as she'll very soon - be grasping her broom.

Halloween Cartoon

Goblin complete, and witch *almost* there, next - head on over to the scarecrow, sketch out a simple-looking face...

Halloween Cartoon

Finish the witch. Keep going with the scarecrow.

Halloween Cartoon

And yes, now's a pretty good time to have a go at the ghost.

By the way. The ghost is really quite easy to draw - in that there isn't too much detail going on.

Few simple lines, and that's it...

Halloween Cartoon

Complete the ghost. Keep going with the scarecrow...

Halloween Cartoon

And again - two key steps here...

Notice how I've considered the mummy's hand, resting on the scarecrow's shoulder?

Drawing it now (thinking ahead) - will save me from having to go back and erase something (forcing it to fit), a bit later on.

Works out nicely!


Oh - and start on the skeleton too...

Halloween Cartoon

Scarecrow coming along, the head of the skeleton coming into view...

Halloween Cartoon

And things are really taking shape.


Hey, you know what?

While you're going through this lesson - step by step - please, don't hesitate, tapping into your own creativity.

Put some horns on the skeleton. Write some words on the ghost. Give your scarecrow a 'corn cob' pipe.

Take every chance available, to further your own unique creativity. :-)

Seriously, this is what it all comes down to!

Halloween Cartoon


Complete the skeleton and scarecrow, now...

Halloween Cartoon

And then, move on over to the mummy (simple overlapping bandages) - and also, the vampire.

Like so...

Halloween Cartoon

More bandages. More on bringing forth the face of your Halloween cartoon vampire...

Halloween Cartoon

And yes - just keep right on going...

Halloween Cartoon

The eyes are *by far* the best part of the mummy. Just sort of tucked right in there.

Keep going with the vampire...

Halloween Cartoon

And then - again, take the opportunity (before you complete the vampire's cloak) - to sketch in the skeleton's hand (if you like), resting on his shoulder.

More on over to the werewolf, too!

Halloween Cartoon

More werewolf. More skeleton-vampire...

Halloween Cartoon

And with the vampire complete.

And with the werewolf *almost* complete...

Begin on Frankenstein's head - keeping things nice and symmetrical, as you go.

Interestingly enough, Frankenstein is the only Halloween cartoon character here, that's looking straight at the observer.

This will make him easier to draw.

Begin with his nose area, and chin - like so...

Halloween Cartoon

Wow - these Halloween cartoon characters, are really taking shape. Almost done now, actually.

With the werewolf complete, move on over to Frank once again - and bring forth the finishing touches of the drawing...

Halloween Cartoon

While small in size, both the gargoyle and bat - require just as similar of an approach - as the other Halloween cartoon characters.

Here's how they look in the beginning...

Halloween Cartoon

And here's how they look - bat complete, and the gargoyle - with its claws drawn prior to completing Frankenstein, as again - it will save you from having to erase a little later on...

Halloween Cartoon

Well, this is pretty much it!

Complete the gargoyle - sitting atop Frankenstein.

And yes, complete Frank too - just a few more lines - bringing forth his shirt, and a bit of his arm...

Halloween Cartoon

And that's all there is too it!

Add some details (take your time and have LOTS of fun with this)...

Halloween Cartoon

And of course, a splash of color!

Halloween Cartoon

Ta Da!

You're all done.

And wow - what fun it was.

So, how did your Halloween cartoon character drawing turn out?

Did you add more or less characters?

Did you color yours differently?

Did you change your characters to look happy, sad, etc.?

Holding more/different items?

How did you make your drawing, unique!? :-)


Regardless, I hope you enjoyed the lesson.

Have a Happy Halloween, and see you real soon, for the next cartoon drawing lesson!


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