Great White Shark & Dragon Lesson

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A great white shark crossed with a dragon - who would have ever thought? Actually - this was voted on by visitors to the site... the top choice out of five options in total.

Examining a real shark of this kind - and then getting a feel for how we could go about incorporating the fins, the head, the tail, etc. - so they don't look too out of place on a dragon... was a bit tricky at first. Letting the imagination run wild though - it was doable - and now you can do it too!

Here we go...


How to Draw a Great White Shark Crossed with a Dragon

First up - let's get the structure of our drawing down. Notice that unlike I might draw the head of 'just a dragon' - this one's a bit on the big side. This is due to our shark having a very large head and mouth... it's indicated by this larger blue circle...

great white shark  First Step

And now - given some of the features of a shark, while at the same time keeping those of a dragon in mind - go ahead and sketch out those that you'd like most to bring forward in your finished drawing.

Remember - this is just a rough outline - something to guide you along as you dynamically create your drawing...

great white shark  First Step

Head and eye first? Sure thing! Really sets the pace for what's to come. Start with the eye of your great white shark (dragon!), followed by the snout...

great white shark  Second Step

OK - so for sure... this is going to be an 'aquatic dragon'. The fins on the back of its head - merging with this more 'shark looking' beginning - helps to early suggest that yes - this dragon will be a swimmer!...

great white shark  Second Step

Get creative - overlap - twist - turn... anything!... but slowly bring your lines further down now, and even sketch in the upper part of the animal's left arm...

great white shark  Second Step

OK - looking good. Looking really neat actually - now continue on down the back. Develop a neat-looking fin - just like a shark's. Another fin on each forearm - why not?

Fun, isn't it! :-)

great white shark  Second Step

Draw the end of the tail first - as this area will overlap the lower left foot. You can tell before you even get at it - just by looking at the structure - whether you drew or visualized it before-hand.

Also - notice the tail looks quite like a great white shark's!

great white shark  Second Step

Depth coming into play now - draw in the hands/claws - and the legs as they are seen obscured by the arm/fin and tail...

great white shark  Second Step

OK - looking awesome now... finish up your lines any way you like. Have fun with the tail - no need to draw yours just like mine. Heck - you might have even gone for a hammerhead shark instead!great white shark  Second Step

So what's next then? Color and details of course... make your dragon - truly one of a kind!...

great white shark  Second Step

And in the end - you've got something totally unique - perhaps even never drawn before. I don't know - never seen something like this as of yet anyway!

Something to give even 'Jaws' a run for his money (although it is kind of cute in a way) - I hope you enjoyed this lesson. And again, I hope that lessons like this one only further encourage to keep at the drawing board.

Try new ideas and practice a ton --- it's a life long passion, and you get 'just a little better' with each new one you make.

Be seeing you for another soon. :-)


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