How to Draw a Stormtrooper

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Wow, this lesson - how to draw a stormtrooper, was so much fun!

I will admit though, it was a bit tricky - getting the shape and pattern of the helmet to look right. In the framework below, you'll see that I've added a series of uniquely-placed circles, in hopes to give you a better idea of how it all comes together.

Well, starting from the helmet then - and working our way out and down the drawing, let's get going with the lesson...


How to Draw a Stormtrooper

Starting off then, let's first take a look at a simplified Stormtrooper outline - something that breaks out character down into a series of simple shapes.

Looking at this - especially with the helmet area... it's my hope that you'll have a little bit of an easier time, getting the proportion of your character in place, *before* you go ahead and sketch in the details.

Here's how it looks...

How to Draw Stormtrooper

And then, one step further...

Here's how the Stormtrooper outline looks - this time with a different color, marking off a few of the key features... those things that make this character look the way it's supposed to.

Marking off the triangular eye on the helmet, the chest plate indent, and the area where the gun will be - here's how mine looks...

How to Draw Stormtrooper

OK, and on to the actual drawing now...

Fading out our lines (again - only draw the framework, if it helps... if you can draw this without using the framework shapes, then please do!) - go ahead and sketch in the very uppermost part of the helmet, along with the left eye area, and a bit of the "nose" of the helmet, too.

Like so...

How to Draw Stormtrooper

And then - just like usual, fading out what we've just drawn - to grey...

Now go ahead and sketch in some of the other key parts of the helmet -- important features that will help to make your drawing, in the end - look similar to how a Stormtrooper's supposed to look.

Oh - and yes, given that the helmet truly is *the most important part of the drawing/character*...

Do take your time!

How to Draw Stormtrooper

And yes - taking our time some more - a few more details in the helmet area still - here's how to draw a Stormtrooper's head, with some more important lines and shapes...

How to Draw Stormtrooper

OK, no way around it - drawing the head of Stormtrooper, is a bit tricky. It may take you a few tries to get it looking fairly decent. And by all means do!

Have fun with it. :-)

Next up, on to the body now - go ahead and sketch in various parts - beginning with the chest, shoulder, arm plate, etc. - sort of like this...

How to Draw Stormtrooper

Moving down a little bit further now - and outwards, go ahead and keep right on drawing, sketching in the hands, the little compartments on his belt, and also his boots. Here's one way the outcome could look...

How to Draw Stormtrooper

And next up - go ahead and sketch in the gun, along with the right arm that's supporting/holding it.

Notice how the design of the gun - while similar to the original, is actually just a bunch of shapes coming together in-line?

Do the same if you like. Make the gun look as similar or different to this one, as you like...

How to Draw Stormtrooper

More details - various lines, gradually bringing our finished Stormtrooper into view... here's how to draw some of the last remaining lines...

How to Draw Stormtrooper

And then of course - *finally*! - here's the finished version of our Star Wars character, with a little bit of coloring - grey, black and white...

How to Draw Stormtrooper

And that is all!

Definitely one of the trickier lessons here on the site, I hope you had fun creating a cartoonified version, of one of the most iconic characters in the entire Star Wars universe, and yes...

Ours too! :-)

Know you've got a pretty good idea, how to draw a Stormtrooper - see you again real soon for another lesson.


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