Drawing Tables


Drawing tables are a great investment whether you're just starting out - or whether you're a seasoned pro. These devices are designed specifically for helping artists get the most out of their work.

How so? Well for starters...

These devices - also referred to as 'art tables' are helpful as they are crafted to maximize your space. And this is a good thing, as being able to turn the paper - as well as your body and position - is helpful when moving around your project.

Something else to consider - is the working surface that you're sketching on. When it comes to pens, markers, paint, etc. - it's important that you don't stain/ruin the surface you're working on. And to help, most drawing tables have a laminated surface (usually a plastic-type material) so you don't need to worry about making marks. All the more freedom to draw! :-)

Drawing Tables

Probably one of THE MOST important factors with a good working surface though, is how it affects your health.

Long hours of drawing - similar to working at a computer - can put stress on your back and other parts of your body, if it's not set up right.

So - being able to adjust the angle of the surface is important as you can work in a position that is suitable for keeping the correct posture. Some tables even come with the option to adjust the height - also a huge plus!

One last thing to consider, is an optional drawer - positioned just below the surface...great for quick and easy access to all your favorite supplies.

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