Drawing Supplies & Tools


During your progression as an artist, various drawing supplies will most definitely come into play.

And while the traditional 'pencil and paper' will most certainly help to get the job done - there are other things to consider, tools that really can help you make the most out of your creations.

One such tool - and a very BIG jump from a simple HB pencil might I add...

Is the graphics tablet.

Basically, it allows you to draw on your computer screen using special computer software... it really is quite cool.

In fact - it's this very gadget that I used to create all of the images and drawings you see on this site.


Here, let's take a look at some of the many different drawing supplies you can use. You'll discover what they are, what they're used for, what their benefits & features are - and where you can find them.

Select and of the following links to learn more about drawing supplies and drawing tools...


***space.shtml***GimpDrawing Tablets
Drawing tablets are amazing devices that allow you to draw pictures on your computer screen.

***space.shtml***PaintTablet Computers
Tablet computers are pcs and laptops with screens that can be drawn on - just like paper!

***space.shtml***Sketch UpDrawing Tables
A good drawing table is essential for any artist. Click here to learn more about drawing tables.

***space.shtml***Sketch UpMechanical Pencils
When it comes to drawing - I've always been a fan of mechanical pencils. Here's why!

***space.shtml***Sketch UpFinding the Perfect Drawing Pen
So what makes the perfect drawing pen then? Well, how about taking this simple 'pen test' to find out!

***space.shtml***Sketch UpPrismacolor Colored Pencils
After years of use, hands down - Prismacolor makes the best colored pencil crayons around.


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