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So what drawing lesson would you like to see next?

An animal? A dragon? A monster?

How about one of your favorite cartoon characters!

Something else?


Take a look at the form below, and notice that there are several options to choose from - for drawing lessons that take place during the week.

Choose the one you'd *most like* to draw, and Monday to Friday, I'll select the one with the most votes, to create a brand new drawing lesson. And yes, at the end of the week, the form will be reset - with a list of new options.


Something else...

If you can think of some suggestions for the next tutorial - you can always suggest it using the orange Feedback Tab, to the left of each page. Suggestions can be seen already, and I'll be certainly taking them into account, in the future.

Happy drawing!

One more thing. You can vote a second, third, fourth, etc. time - so long as you wait 1 hour, since the last time you voted. Thank you.


Please cast your vote, using the form below. I'll create a brand new drawing tutorial on whichever one gets the most votes...

Be sure to check back throughout the week, as the options for what to draw - will be changing.


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