Drawing Day 2009

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Drawing Day is a day where people drop everything they're doing and well... DRAW! World-wide and web-wide, every June, the goal is to see one million drawings created and displayed online in a single day.

Last year we had a lot of fun here at DrawCartoonsOnline.com, by holding our second-ever Drawing Day event. Combined, visitors to the site came together to contribute tons of new drawings for the occasion.

For last year's event, we decided to 'spice things up' a bit. By submitting drawings to the Drawing Day Gallery and Slide Show, participants had the chance to win some pretty cool drawing-related prizes... making things all the more fun! :-)

To make it all the more interesting, all drawings submitted to this year's event also became part of the following slide show.

Here's it is...

And if you like - you can add this slide show to your own website or blog!...

Drawing Day 2009 was a BIG Success!!
Thank you very much to all participants. :-)