How to Draw Disney Cartoons


There's no way around it - Disney Cartoons, for so many people (both children and adults!)...

Have played such a big part in our lives

No matter your generation - it's quite likely, that *at some point along the way* - you've come across a Disney character.

You might feel a sense of nostalgia whenever you see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and the whole Disney crew on television.

These characters are the subject of various television shows and even feature-length films. People really look forward to watching these cartoon shows because they are so in love with the characters.

This love for Disney can be felt anywhere.

For example, if you are going to attend a costume party, it's pretty easier - to quickly notice and identify, one of the many different characters.

How to Draw Disney Cartoons
James P. Sullivan - a Disney Cartoon

Especially Mickey Mouse ears!


Of course, these characters are often the subject of a lot of drawings.

Who is your favourite character?

Mine is Donald Duck. Well, he's my favorite *original* character, anyway.

There are so many!

I know that he seems to be known best for his blue sailor suit and white hat, but I have drawn him in various other outfits that I have thought of on my own.

It's true - these kinds of characters can be a bit of a challenge to draw, usually more complex - given their cartoon realism.

Still - I think it's fun to create likenesses to characters, so here in this part of the site - I'll do my best in showing you how to draw some simplified "easier to draw" versions, of Disney cartoons.


***new.shtml***James P. SullivanJames P. Sullivan
Here in this cartoon drawing lesson - learn how to draw James P. Sullivan, the big blue monster voiced by John Goodman, in Monsters Inc.

***space.shtml***How to Draw Mickey MouseHow to Draw Mickey Mouse
Learn how to draw one of the most famous Disney characters of all time - Mickey Mouse!


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