How to Draw Deep Sea Animals


In this section of the site, let's focus on deep sea animals...

A popular niche within another obviously popular section on the site.

It's true - animal cartoons are something many people (me too!) just love to draw.

By 'deep sea' of course - we're talking about any type of critter that lives beneath the ocean.

Everything from fish to dolphins to whales to turtles. So any new animal lessons that pop up - geared towards this topic, I'll be sure to post them here.

By the way, have you thought about how easy drawing sea creatures can be?

If you look at the fish lessons below you'll notice that yes...

Deep Sea Animals

I show you how to draw 'one specific fish'.

But truly, if you get extra creative...

You can alter the look to create literally ANY type of fish imaginable.

The shape of a rainbow trout for example isn't the same as say - a pike or barracuda.


Stretch out the framework, reference a photo of the new fish you'd like to create...

And get to it!

Creativity should always play a HUGE role, as you embark to become better at drawing - including the deep sea animals you'll draw here.

To the lessons!


***new.shtml***Cartoon Animals Cartoon JackCartoon Jack
Another fish-focused lesson... here - let's draw a unique-looking cartoon jack.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Animals Cartoon JellyfishCartoon Jellyfish - With Eyes!!
When drawing a cartoon jellyfish - it's all about... the eyes! Makes it all the more fun.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Animals Cartoon SeahorseDraw a Cartoon Seahorse!
Drawing a cartoon seahorse like this one is super easy when you know what one looks like. Yup... a horse!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Animals Cartoon CrabThe Crabbiest Lesson on the Site
In this cartoon animals lesson, learn how to draw a simple cartoon crab. Come up with a unique color combo!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Animals Cartoon WhaleCartoon Whale
Learn how to draw a simple ' compact' cartoon whale. Change it to look how you like!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Animals How to Draw a FishHow to Draw a Fish
Learning how to draw a fish - simple and cartoony like this Rainbow Trout -- is easy to do!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Animals Cartoon FishCartoon Fish
In this lesson, use only a circle and a cross to create a simple, generic cartoon fish.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Animals Cartoon LobserCartoon Lobster
From an image of a real lobster - I've uniquely stylized a brand new cartoon one. Do the same here!

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Animals Fish CartoonTuna Fish Cartoon
Here's a fun one. Create a neat-looking fish cartoon - based on a yellow fin tuna.

***new.shtml***Cartoon Animals Cartoon OctopusCartoon Octopus
Let's draw an eight-legged deep-sea dweller. Come up with a unique cartoon octopus!

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Animals Cartoon SharksCartoon Sharks
One of my all-time favorite creatures to draw... a shark - and a 'Great White' at that!

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Animals TurtleDraw a Sea Turtle
Some time ago, we talked about drawing a sea turtle. The time has come... draw one here!

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Animals SquidCartoon Squid
Learn how to draw another creature of the sea... a cute little cartoon squid.

***g2.shtml***Cartoon Animals ShrimpCartoon Shrimp
In this sea-creature-focused lesson, let's tackle one of the tastiest crustaceans - a shrimp!

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Animals Cartoon SharkGreat White Cartoon Shark
Using a rather unique approach, learn how to draw a fierce 'great white-style' cartoon shark.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Animals Cartoon DolphinCartoon Dolphin with Character
It's everyone's favorite friendly creature of the sea! Learn how to draw a cartoon dolphin with character!


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