Computers and Technology


The world (cyber included) of computers and technology - is a vast one.

There are tons of characters, icons, logos, etc. that can make for some really cool - and really fun - simple cartoon drawing lessons.

Some examples that comes to mind, right off the top of my head.

Well how about drawing, your very own personal computer?

A laptop?

iPad, iPhone, or some other Apple-related device?

Here on this page of the site, it's all about taking things from the tech world, and making unique, and simple cartoons.


Another example...


How about drawing some unique cartoon characters - ones that pay tribute to some of the may different logos out there, representing some of the biggest names in the tech industry.

We could make a really neat version of the Firefox logo.

Or how about a unique take, on the "Twitter" bird?

The alien from Reddit!

Again - tons to draw from.


Well, enough talk about what we could draw, and more time - putting the pencil to the paper!

Click on one of the lessons below, to begin...


***g2.shtml***TwitterTwitter Bird & Badge
Draw a twitter bird... make your own badge for your site or blog!

***g3.shtml***TwitterApple iPad
In this drawing lesson, learn how to draw one of Apple's most famous products - the iPad.

***g2.shtml***Mozilla FirefoxDraw a Mozilla 'Fire Fox' !
Learn how to draw a 'Fire Fox' --- based on the the logo for Mozilla's uber-popular Internet browser.

***g1.shtml***Cartoon Pictures Cartoon ComputerCustomize One of Your Own
Here it is -- a simple cartoon drawing... mapped out, customized, and created by you!


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