Celebrity Cartoon Drawing Lessons


Drawing your favorite celebrity cartoon is a lot of fun.

From movies to music to sports and more - both past and present - there are many famous people that we can pay homage to in the form of simple cartoonish drawings.

And in this section of the site, this is exactly what we're going to do...

Create simple-yet-neat-looking celebrities, from a variety of different backgrounds.

Something that might come to mind as soon as you hear the term 'celebrity cartoon' is the idea of drawing caricatures.

And sure, caricatures are indeed cartoons. They are cartoon-like drawings that preserve a very close likeness to a person - with specific features exaggerated.

Here though - I'd like to create lessons that are easier for you to draw, yet still incorporate key features to suggest a likeness to which every particular famous person we're trying to create.

Celebrity Cartoon

An example?

OK - let's have a look at Bruce Lee for a second - one of the greatest martial artists of all time...

Drawing Bruce Lee in an easy-to-draw cartoon form would involve maintaining key features to suggest when looked upon that YES - it is in fact a likeness to Mr. Lee.

Attributes such as his hair style, his stance, and his clothing/weapon (yellow & black jumper from 'Game of Death')...

All help to convey to the observer that we're drawing Bruce Lee, and not some other martial artist.

If it were Chuck Norris - the red beard would definitely be a factor!

Of course, Bruce Lee is just one of many cartoon celebrities we can create.

So for sure, check out this area of the site every now and then for some neat famous people-related, cartoon drawing lessons.


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